Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome November

I come to realize now how life is beautiful although there are times we are encountering different trials but still we can move on. I just realize that every problem there is a solution even though how hard or painful it is but still we can able to stand and start all over. Am I right?I would like to ask you what is important in life? There are ups and down in our lives, sometime we feel so neglected and aloof, sometimes we feel so hopeless and unhappy, in short mix emotions. What makes you happy in your life? Personally, I am happy if maybe I will be given a chance to prove to myself that I can make my own decision and have freedom to do anything. Perhaps life is so unfair as you can see there are still people who are unemployed, there are people suffering from hunger and most common of all killing of individual.Killing is so rampant now and even prostitution increases.Is this life we can offer to God? I know everything we do is in accordance to the will of God.He let us realize how life could be without Faith right? We cannot feel the true essence of happiness and contentment in life.Enough for that heheheh,last November 1 to 3 I was so sad because my nephew was sent to the hospital for he was suffering amoeba.We stayed for 3 days and we paid 10,000php. Tama nga talaga ang kasabihan "mahirap magkasakit".We felt bad because we never visited the father's tomb. I am sure dad will understand, right dad? I really miss u dad, Im sure dad you are now peacefully resting and dont be so worried about us we take care of mom, even sometimes we argued and have a lil quarrel hehhehehe..I am sure dad, if you were just here now you will see your children growing beautiful, handsome and most especiall very successful in our profession. You know what dad, I was enrolled this morning and I got my grades. I was very happy I got 1.0 on my advace computer education, 1.3 for the research and unfortunately I got 7.2 in my Adm theory,but dont worry dad we strive hard to have a good grades and in fact this tuesday we will visit 7 public schools in Davao City. I hope everything will be safe and sound. Sorry dad for everything ...I love you dad..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Celebration of United Nation with the theme: Voices for Human Rights




October 23, 2009

Hundreds of students joined the United Nations Day Celebration of Glicerio L. Dondoy Central Elementary School last Friday, October 23, 2009. Parents and visitors were their to witness the momentous event of the Search for Mr. and Ms. United Nation. Every time we celebrate we have fond memories to speak out, educational, entertaining, engaging and meaningful activities. Students may come from different cultural backgrounds and traditions but they are unified in promoting peace and celebrating their cultural differences in their multi-cultural schools.

The program started with flag ceremony and a parade of national flags with their national costumes involving all GLDCES students from preschool to Grade VI and accompanied by the drum and bugle corps. After the parade, the Search for Mr. and Ms. United Nation started with an invocation performed by selected candidates in different nations with the song “You raised me UP”.

This year’s theme was “Voices for Human Rights. GLDCES District Coordinating Principal at the same time Principal II gave her inspirational message stated that the celebrations renewed their pledge to sustain peace and harmony while preserve their cultural heritage. She emphasized the rights of every child. The values of every Filipino remain and let the students to be respectful, informed and appreciative of the different cultures and traditions through the world. According to her, living in our country is an obvious way to help broaden our minds and experiences. Being at a school with so much diversity provides all of us with an even richer experience while performing the best in our abilities. The message of our District Coordinating Principal makes us proud how Filipinos are and the hopes of every nation is to live peacefully and build a camaraderie, explore, expose and express of what is the right of every nation. Hence, help remind all of us that our support has the power to shape young lives and build bright futures.

The highlight of the celebration was the modeling of candidates of every grade level they were very eager and excited to ramp in the stage and perform their best to win the pageant. The pageants started with sports attire, followed by the national costume. The panel of judges decided to chose the best in sports, best in modeling and best in national costume in every grade level.

We are also grateful that our Division Supervisors Mrs. Marissa Jayoma, Dr. Catherine Villaflores and PTA President Hon.James Darunday at the same time barangay councilor were their to witness the said event. .

The program will not be completed without closing it. The Hekasi Coordinator Ms. Analyn C. Aquino expresses her heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the sponsors who in one way or the other supported the said event.

The winners were awarded with trophies and candies from different Donors.

We would like to thanks also to the generous donors, teachers, students and parents who assisted on the preparation of this activity.

The activity has also raised fund for the purchase of GLDCES chairs and for the renovation of Values Park. Thanks God for the success of the activity

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Our professor told us to make a book review using our blog. May I request to all bloggers to please give your comments, suggestions, recommendation.Thank You and Godbless.

Sam Dawson (Sean Penn), an autistic man living in Los Angeles, is single-handedly raising his daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning), whom he fathered from a homeless woman who wanted nothing to do with Lucy and left him the day of her birth. Although Sam provides a loving and caring environment for the 7-year-old Lucy, she soon surpasses her father's mental capacity. Questions arise about Sam’s ability to care for Lucy and a custody case is brought to court. Sam is a man with a mental age of 7 who is well adjusted and has a great support system consisting of four similarly developmentally disabled men. His neighbor Annie (Dianne Wiest), a piano-player and agoraphobic, befriends Sam and takes care of Lucy when Sam cannot. Sam works at Starbucks busing tables. Sam is popular with the customers, whom he addresses by name and favorite coffee. His job gets difficult when Lucy starts grabbing objects, making a woman spill iced coffee down her shirt. In a humorous, but innocent exchange, Sam tries to remove an ice cube from the startled woman's cleavage. Sam then brings Lucy to his neighbor and baby Lucy croons, "Annie!" Sam says, "Her first word was Annie." Flustered but flattered, she retorts, "And people worry you aren't smart," and agrees to function asLucy's babysitter. Lucy is as precocious as Sam is backwards. Sam loves reading Green Eggs and Ham to her, but when she starts reading "real hard" books like Stellaluna, she balks at reading the word "different" because she doesn't want to be smarter than her dad. She knows he's different, "not like other dads", but that's all right with her because he is loving, taking her to the park and to International House of Pancakes (every Wednesday, because "Wednesday is IHOP night"). When they decide to go to Big Boy for a change, Sam causes a disturbance because he cannot get the kind of French pancakes he is accustomed to. At the school Halloween party, he dresses as one of the Beatles but embarrasses hisdaughter by drawing undue attention. Other kids tease her, calling her dad a "retard". She tells one boy that she is adopted. This causes a crisis at her birthday party, which results in an unexpected visit from a social worker who takesLucy away. A judge allows him only two supervised, 2-hour visits per week. Sam's friends recommend that he hire Rita (Michelle Pfeiffer), a lawyer. He shows up at her office and starts spelling out his situation while she juggles coffee orders to her assistant, Patricia. Socially, Sam is rather high-functioning—more together in many ways than his high-class, respected lawyer whose marriage is falling apart and whose son hates her. Sam surprises Rita at a party. Stunned, she announces that she's taking his case pro bono, because others see her as cold and heartless. Rita begrudgingly works with Sam to help him keep his parental rights, but chaos arises when Lucy convinces Sam to help her run away from the foster home she is being kept in during the trial. Over the course of the trial, Sam gets a new job at Pizza Hut and Annie leaves her apartment for the first time in years. Sam also helps Rita with her family problems, and helps her to realize how much her son really means to her. During the trial, however, Sam breaks down, after being convinced that he is not capable of taking care ofLucy. Meanwhile, Lucy is placed with a foster family who plan to adopt her. Lucy often runs away from her foster parents in the middle of the night to go see Sam, who moved into a larger apartment closer to her. In the end, the foster family who planned on adoptingLucy lets Sam have custody of her. Sam says that Lucy still needs a mother and asks if the foster mother would like to help raise Lucy. The movie ends with Lucy's soccer game where Sam is the referee. In attendance are Lucy 's former foster family, the newly divorced Rita and her son with whom Rita has renewed her relationship, along with Annie and Sam's other friends.


Parenting is a very difficult but also very enjoyable that may happened to our life.

A man with mental disorder needs so much attention, but Sam is different. He takes care of his daughter when his wife abandoned them. When I saw this movie tears fell down on my eyes and my heart felt like it was cut by a knife. Raising a child is not easy especially in the condition of Sam who has an intellectual equivalency of 7.How can he manage and take care of his daughter if his situation is dire?
The movie is very inspiring. I would like to share this to all that we are not deprived of achieving what our heart truly desires. I also found out that even if Sam has disabilities he should not be given special treatment and should be treated as you would treat others. Once again it made me cry, it made me realize that whatever our parents are, we should love them the way they love us despite of all the challenges that God gave to us. I realize that every tick of the clock and every breath that we take is significant. I must say that we should value the rights of individual and respect each other’s life.I will take this opportunity to address this story to those who abandoned their children.
Life is meaningful and it is a gift from our Almighty, some are fortunate to have a baby while some are hopeless to have a baby, to those parents who abandoned their children, today is the right time to let your children feel that they are important and bestow upon them unconditional love. I must truly say that Sam is a brave and smart man as even with his situation he is still able to give his full love and affection to his daughter. Even with his disability, he still gave his 100% love to his daughter. I wish that all fathers are like Sam.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September ends

This month many things are happen. September ends with so much problems and dilemma. Even my self experiencing so much problems and very stiff schedule. I can only rest one day and that is Sunday. To much pressure at my work and as well as in my class during Saturday.

I am thankful then because September month is also the birthday of Mama Mary and it is also my birthday.Another year had pass and I think I can feel now that I am grown maturely hehehe. I can even handle such situation in the classroom.

September also is my luckiest month as of the moment heheheh because my students won the Science and Math Quizbee and they got 1st and 2nd respectively.I am so proud as a coach even we have a short time to review. And we also got 1st rank on District Level on STEP (EPP) in encoding. I cant imagine why we won hehhe,I teach the student a hands on experience on how to use the computer and take note we practice only two days prior to the contest hehehe but still we won.

This month also is the Division level of Science and Math Quizbee but unfortunately we never won but atleast we've tried our best. For me they are already winners.Maybe I just need to work harder as a coach.

And Lastly, the most saddened part of this month is the Tropical Storm that attacts on NCR which brought them a very catastrophic and disastrous life. Many were missing and also died on this Tropical Storm Ondoy.As I said in my facebook, maybe this is the vengeance of our nature because of our brutal deeds and we keep on destroying our mother nature. And recently, epedimic already started to the people who affected of flood. Many are suffering of fever, vomiting and Lbm hahay. All we can do is offer a prayer for them.

I am still thankful because Filipino are united and shared their love and kindness to the victims. We must pray that this catastrophic incident will not again happen on the next month. Godbless us all..This is how September ends.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Grade V quizzers strike 64 students

Yesterday we had a Math and Science Quizbee, there were 24 schools in Panabo South District who joined in the said activity. We had our visitors ES -Science Mrs. Gelia PUeblo ,ES- Math Mr Alen Macabulos and Filipino ES Mrs.ElviraObeso. They were their to monitor. As coaches in our school we felt pressure because we are the central school. We work hard and prepared a lot of reviewers so that we may able to hit the mark. Thank God, all our participants from Grades III-VI in Science WON FIRST..... yeheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....... I will attach the pictures as soon as I have the memory card

Monday, August 10, 2009

Unethical Manners

Well,,, Here I am again,,,I just want to express my feelings how this CPA acted so unethical.....She had a speech this morning and unfortunately she exaggeratedly gave a statement without prior information of what had happened about this so called monetization.She delivered her speech so unethical, disgusting statements which is not proven yet...If my mother done wrong on the computation of the monetization why she did not confronted my mom? Does she has a motif or interest? I don't know what is in her mind. She is a CPA and yet she acted so brutal for what? para mo sikat ka CPA?If something wrong with the report or computation,you should bring it to the EXECOM.I think EXECOM is the proper place to discuss about unsolve issue instead of pasipsip ka sa employee?naturingan ka pa naman na accountant, but you did not think about your manner...Well,, cguro nakalimotan nimo ang MAnner na word para ingnun ka sikat? This is just a violent reaction of how unethical you are being a government employee.WEw,as if your washing your hand to prolong the agony of the employee to release the monitization,I hope I am wrong. Pardon me for being so unethical to you. Learn to value the integrity of such person, what if somebody will do the same? will you be happy?



Saturday, July 11, 2009

2nd EB Party "Digos Dalnet"

After my class last Saturday June 4, 2009, I immediately went to Digos for our 2nd EB Party "Digos Dalnet". I am so excited to see my friends on Cyber... The party started at 9:00pm. We were busy having chit chat with my long lost friends. Thanks to Tiger^Look or Tita Dolls for initiating this kind of socialization.The party was very fun, we laugh, we dance, and most of all we eat and eat..

About my Report on ED.401

Good day fellow blogger.. How are you all? Lately I've been very busy with my career heheheheh... I've realized that teaching is fun, I like to teach, but I hate to make my lesson plan,but,,,I have my prototype lesson plan. On the other hand, my class is also fun, Dr. Guhao is very intelligent and can manange his class harmoniously. My classmates too are very articulate in giving the reports . During my report I felt so nervous and every single cell in my body is chilling harharhar..But anyway, I will share to you my report, it is about motivation and leaderships and it is presented by a powerpoint.I also discuss about the theory of motivation such as Heirchy of need by Abraham Maslow, ERG theory developed by Clayton Alderfer, Acquired needs theory,developed by DAvid McClelland, theory X ans Y by Douglas McGregor. I started my report at exactly 3:30 and we only given 15 minutes to deliberate it. With me is Mrs. Milagrosa of City High , she is very intelligent too.. Thanks God, finally we have done our report successfully.Slide 6

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Welcome July

OWHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....I did not write an article for the month of June,,,tsk tsk tsk, it was just I don't like to write,,,hayyyy....I was just lazy last month....I felt so very tired.. I don't understand hehehe...but...I was online last month but just dont like to visit my blog....Anyways, last June I had my ultrasound and it was stated on the result that my left ovary is clear already no signs of cycstics,only the right ovary has cycstic but I know 3 months from now,Gods blessing my right ovary will be healed ......Hays ,, I hope so., so that my endometriosis will be treated soon,,, as in this is very annoying especially during on or before my mestruation.... So much for that, last June 1 was our first day of school it was so so shocking because my students reached to 43 gushhhhh,,,this makes me tired everyday, but it was fun.. June 28 was the opening of my Graduates School classes...... I was so very shy and nervous because I cant imagine that my teacher in high school is my classmate in Ed.d.. I am not that confident to face my classmates because I was just a simple teacher whereas my classmates are in their highest position...huhuuhuhu.....As my classmate says " My English is only for Grade Six"" hehheheh pano na ako? hehehhe...Bahala na,,, come what may...This is just another challenge on my part... AJA Analyn hehhe

Saturday, May 30, 2009

fever and cough attacks us

Wew, lately I feel I was not lucky enough to face the world,,,,my mom got sick she had fever and cough and her blood pressure was so high 200/120 hays........My my brother who has a rheumatic heart disease had also a cough and extreme fever which we panic because we all know that his situation now is so sensitive we should give him a super super extra care, even before he was advised to undergo an open heart surgery but because we don't have enough courage to face the reality and we don't know the percetage we are going to risk his life even the doctors don't know how many percent he will survive....Secondly, we don't have millions to pursue the open heart surgery of my brothers, We just hope and pray that God will give him long life and happiness...After our family doctor give us a referral too bring my brother to the DMC since his history of illness was monitored by Davao Medical Center Doctors. We brought our brother and he had an Xray to ensure that there is no water on his lungs in Gods blessings he is OK now, as well my mother. BUt, unfortunately this ailments attacks in my family after which my sister has suffering from boils which causes her to high fever but since we can't monitor her because she has her own family. We sometimes feel sorry for not giving much attention to her hayzzzzzzzzzzz.....Problem problem go away and never come back again....And just last night my niece has suffering high fever, he vomits now and then, that's why we hurriedly brought him to our family doctors haysssssssssss money money money its not easy to find money.....I just hope that God will guide us always...Please include us also in your prayer for our fast recovery...I love you all..How wish I had enough money to help my mother who also a father to us since we were young................

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MOving Forward

Lately I am so depress, I do'nt know if this is the right time of letting someone....I am inlove with someone whom makes me happy.................He cares about me,,,,,,///Thank You my new BF for taking care of me even I am not complete already.....Now I am confident to face the world that my BFF is proud of me and he gave me importance///

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SA letrang I para sa ABRIL

IG-AGAW uban sa kinasal

Og kani pina ka importante sa kinabuhi sa dalaga ang maminyo,,, finally ako manang naminyo ra jud ...........................Inig human sa ceremonias naa man jud nay pa hulagway mao ni mga Ig-agaw kuyog ang bago kinasal

Sa letrang I, nag lagot jud ko sa mga Iro namo oi dili jud mogawas sa amo balay, cge sulod gawas sa amo balay,, lami kay ni ibaligya, dili lang na mao ang amo mga iro daghan pa jud kaayo,, naa nasad nanganak na itoy kaso dili nako ma picturan kay naa sa ilalom sa sakyanan hehhhehe...

Sa letrang I-----IRO
Nakita sad sa ko utol ang ilaga sa amo garahian dako dako sad baya,,,mao nag butang nasad mi hilo sa ilaga para di managhan kahadlok nalang jud..


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bisdak Entry ABRIL

Next letter mao ang letrang R for Resibo og R for RESITA

Nalingaw jud ko ani naka hinumdum ko naa d i pa contest ang Bisdakplanet, mokuha hulagway sa word na ABRIL...Kani Lingaw sa letrang A....Anirola hehhehe.,,,,

Mga Higala mao kini ang Entry sa Bisdakplanet na pa contest....Ang Letra "B" Banig....Bililhon kay ni na hulagway kay gamay pako naa nani na banig hehehhe

Monday, April 13, 2009

Irritating Pimples and Scars

Grr, it is so intimidating having this freaking acne pimples and oily face,,,,,since I was in High School or I remember college years I have this acne pimples and I have extreme oily face......This makes me awkward to mingle with my friends,,and gets easily insecure hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,....When I was about 22 yrs.old, my best friend Norpinang Noor encourage me to visit a derma so that my scars and pimple be removed... I tried many regimens on my face, name the product maybe I tried it...I spent thousands just to eliminate my pimples. After we visited a derma, I tried to consult a dermatologist and I was told to undergo acne surgery and its really painful really,as in very very paiful I have a teary eyes everytime my pimples will be freak and and its like there was a needle pushing into it,owhhh...I have 10 sessions cost 1,5oophp per session in a week, since I have no pimples then after 6 session my dermatologist suggest to stop and rest in a week, for the preparation of my Diamond Peel. Diamon Peel is like scrubing your face with sharp and rough like grinder. Again, my derma told me that I should finished the 10 sessions and cost 1,500ph.Oh,, I really suffer pain not only on my face but also a pain on my penny/wallet hehehe...But, then on,, AFter 10 sessions, again here it goes,,bumalik na naman,...

The reason why the pimples come and go because I have polycystic ovaries, and endometrios...Now I am taking Gracial Pills to regulate my hormones and it is anti-acne....I also take aldactone to control my hair growth in my body,, thanks God the medication is getting well...And my Ob-Gyne notice that my acne starts to Vanish...I really pray to God that what ever I feel now it will heal, because God loves me...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

A gift given by a very special Love

A Treasure

On my journey I always look for something new

A new thing that makes me happy

Sometimes I felt depressed because I found nothing

And turn myself into hopeless

As I kept moving on

I never think to turn back

Nor to quit

Although I knew I’m become weak

I never thought that on the next bend of the road

If found a treasure

A treasure that is so hard to reach

A treasure that I need to get and to be keep

I know it’s not easy to be there

I know that treasure it’s so hard to reach

I know ill take a lot of steps before I get it

I know it won’t be easy for me

But I need too

For all I know even I couldn’t get it

Even I know I can’t touch it

But I need to keep it on my mind

That treasure is price less

Not expensive like gold bars

But I need to keep it for the reason

That treasure is important for me

As a person

That’s why I will be keeping you forever

Because you are the greatest treasure I ever had.

I love you my…

Ang Binignit og Suman/Biko


Ngano daw pag Holy Week ang kasagaran lutoon Binignit daw or Biko? Ngano kaha sad nO? Kay sa bata pako mao na jud na ako na mat-an na ako mga ante, mga silingan, mga ka ila binignit jud ang lutoon? Lami pud baya no? tungod ba kay panagsa lang nato na lutoon? Kamo ngano kaha no Binignit man I prepare sa Holy Week aside sa mo penetensya og mag simba?

Unsaon pag luto sa BInignit? Dia ang mga sangkap og pamaagi unsaon pagluto.

1 pc white gabi (substitute cassava if available), cubed
1/2 cup sugar
2 pcs yellow camote (sweet potatoes), cubed
1/2 tsp salt
1 pc ubi (no substitute), cubed
4 tbsps landang or tapioca
4 pcs ripe cardaba (or semi-ripe plantain), sliced
2 cups coconut milk
1 cup coconut milk, diluted with water
1) Cook gabi, camote, ubi, and cardabang saging (or plantain bananas) in diluted coconut milk.

2) Add sugar, salt, and landang (or tapioca).

3) Simmer until all ingredients are tender and mixture is thick.

4) Add 2 cups coconut milk. Cook in medium heat.

5) Do not boil or liquid will curdle. Adjust amount of coconut milk to your available ingredients.

6) Serve hot.

A poem written by me

Stranger Shadow makes me a woman

I walk up in a nice dream

Wandering to another place

This place makes me lively

I never dreamt that one day

When I walk alone in a long and winding road

To seek my destiny

Destiny that completes me

And revive my sleeping affection

My life is better now when I saw a shadow

This shadow makes me gaze and makes me gay

My life is much better than today

And complete my day

Stranger shadow whipping me with such a sweet sound to my ear

I was confused until I saw this shadow

I feel like the shadow lifted me up high from the ground

I have not noticed that this shadow seem so ordinary before

But now I realized that this shadow makes me a woman

Oh, should I thank you?

You lifted me up when I am so wary and worry

I finally found that this stranger shadow is my angel

Angel that guarded me through thick and thin

And comforted me when I am in pain

To you my stranger shadow you make me a woman

Thank you Dear Shadow

Analyn C. Aquino

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Finally I can rest

Today marks a very significant event because its my first time to witness the Closing exercises. My first time to be a part on the teaching force. It's our 52nd Closing Exercises, the theme is "My Education: My contribution to the future". The parents were very happy because finally they harvested the fruit of their labor which is their children. I have so many things that I realized, teachers are well-rounded and talented, imagine from Grades I to Grades V every section has a presentation which is a very successful one. Excellent performance for the teachers and for the students. To the graduates and Honors Congratulations.....Till here ,,, I am very tired ............Thanks God.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Moles' in Women's Face

I found this very intereste Moles reading. You may visit this site Moles Womens face I share this to you, but this reading is not actually the real scenario that will happen in your life. God is the

only supreme being, knows
about what will happen to us. Enjoy searching the meaning..Goodluck!

1 Uncontrollable sexual lust

2 Bad luck to sister-in-laws

3 Bad luck to parents

4 Lack of assistance

5 Multiple marriagies

6 Bad luck to family

7 Bad luck to husband

8 Indulge in sexual lust

9 Prone to have trouble during childbirth

10 Prone to accident when traveling

Back to Image

11 Happy marriage

12 Be guest

13 Luck

14 Fortune

15 Happy marriage

16 Respect and nobility

17 Indulge in sexual lust

18 Prone to be harmed

19 Good luck to your husband

20 Secure and stable life

21 Great wealth

22 Good luck to your husband

23 Misfortune

24 Blessing

25 Prone to accident with water

26 Good luck to junior female family members

27 Good luck to children

28 Good luck to husband's career

29 Prone to lose husband

30 Bad luck to husband

31 Good luck

32 Tears of sadness

33 Bad luck to children

34 Misfortune

35 Bad luck to husband

Back to Image

36 Prone to fire accident

37 Less furtile

38 Indulgy in sexual lust

39 Prone to gossip

40 Prone to be robbed

41 Longevity

42 Prone to self-harm

43 Prone to jealouse

44 Prone to accident with water

45 Low self-esteem

Back to Image

46 Bad luck to husband

47 Prone to give birth to twins

48 Low self-esteem

49 Prone to lose children

Back to Image

50 Prone to argument

51 Bad luck to husband

52 Longevity

53 Back luck to subordinates

54 Prone to accident with water

55 Lack of assets

Back to Image

56 Enjoyment of food

57 High intelligence

58 Rich assets

59 Prone to accident with water

60 Ill health

61 Short of money

62 Secure and abundant life

63 Filial piety

64 High intelligence

65 Good husband

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Its vacation time

Sa wakas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Heryeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh,, HUrray,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,God is so good lauging out loud.....bwahhahahahahaaaaaaa..... Wow its March already and its time to make all the reports, computing grades and conducting final exam.............Our Closing ceremony is fast approaching and it will be on April 2, 2009. No more noisy, lazy pasaway students...... My mind can rest soon. Wew., taking care of 40 students is not easy. I should be the molder to them especially when they needed an attention,well, I cannot deny the fact that most of my students are indigenous. I experienced that my student will ask and borrow one (1.00) peso to buy food during recess time.Isn't it so touching? What I did, everytime I receive my salary I buy food for them "di sad mahal ha". When I see them very pale my heart bleeds really. I can feel their emptiness...I admit when I was young I was very so lucky, what I want I get. I eat on time...Its really hard to become a teacher like me.

Though I am happy because we have 2 months vacation, truly I will miss them especially it's my first year of teaching....Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!I survived...Thanks God...........

This vacation I am planning to have a business atleast I have some extra money.......To all readers, I need decent part-time job just contact me here..Thank You...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wow I won

Just tonight when I opened my email I saw the message of Ms. Gengen that I won the contest which she was initiated last month on Spread the love giveaway..Here's the message :You are the winners of my Spread the love giveaway. Please go to the sponsors for your prizes. If you have problems please let me know. CONGRATULATIONS! I am very happy to know that atleast I got my reward having an internet addict lol....The proof that I really won .

10TH Prize: 5,000 EC - Winner - Minds are like parachutes

1000 EC - Programming The Life
1000 EC - Guilty Pleasures
1000 EC - My Point Of View
1000 EC - Ivory Tasks
500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - Shopping
500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - iLUVcontest
125x125 ad worth $15 1 month - Blazing Minds
* Work At Home Job

MY 7 DAYS bedrest

After the check up last Feb.24,2009, I was a bit relieve my fear about my illness after my doctors confirmation that it was not dangerous, thanks GOd.That night I took my medicines already and the next morning I worked, that's Tuesday but a felt a lil bit pain.Last Wednesday since I cannot file a leave because its our School Pupil Government Election I m still not feeling ok I experience pelvic pain which cause me a fever that's the time I decided to rest and went again to my Ob to see whats goin on why I suffer to much pain and fever. Then she told me that I have to rest 7 days to avoid to much work or stress...It was so boring to stay in the house for 7 days :( but I have no choice, I was advised to have my bed rest.....But thanks God my boyfriend was there also for 7 days to take good care of me..Thanks to my NEWLY RENUDE CHRISTIAN BF/////heehhehehe/...

Monday, March 02, 2009

I have endometriosis and PCO

Since from the start I already knew that I have this so called PCO Polycystic Ovarians..I have my treatment when I was around 20' because I just thought that without menstruation for almost 6 months or 4 months is alright. But when I came to visit my dermatologist she asked me if I had an obgyne doctor which I dont have yet..My derma told me that I have symptoms for polycystic ovaries. I was quite nervous, so, I told mom about it and we went to an obgyne.. I undergo trans rectal meaning and ultrasound which we found out that I have multiple polycystics both ovaries which it cannot be operated or undergo surgery.The doctor said that I should take metformin and minulet pills. For 3 months taking my medicine I never came back to my ob because I felt I am not comftable with her. For a long time, without taking care of my illness, it was came to a point I dont have my menstruation 4 months since last november I am quite bother because of my age, I am not getting any younger and I am quite nervous because I want to have babies soon.

Just this February 24, I visited my obgyne because I felt pain already in body I don't know, it was found out that I have a ENDUMETRIOSIS aside from the polycystics ovaries, I need to have another Transrectal wohoooo so painful....tsk tsktsk............But my two doctors promise that since it just a small sign of endumetriosis it is not necessary to undergo surgery...

In the meantime my ob gave me a pain reliever because the first step to do is to treat my polycystic before we treated the endumetriosis...My doctors gave me this following medicines..

1. Gracial pills for 3 months
2. Metformin 500 mg
3. Spironolactone/aldactone 50mg

I just hope that GOd will guide me always, everything will be ok.......

Please pray for me....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Valentine Treat

On behalf of Digos Dalnet Channel, I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Tiger^Look / Tita dolls for inviting us to their house for the celebration of her daughters birthday. Thanks for the pasalubong.... You really are a good friend to us tita dolls.. Hope you enjoy your vacation.Godbless

Saturday, February 07, 2009

To end it up

Well whatever problem that you both encountered, solve if within you...I am just hoping that both you end up with friendship. To you mariejo, give me peace because I don't know you personally.Whatever your problems don't include me because I live on my own. SO Godbless.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Spread the Love Giveaways

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