Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy but Sad

Im back in the circulation. 8 moths ago my Obgyne told me that I have endometriosis infact she gave me a medical certificate that I need to rest for I suffered so much pain. But eventually my OB found out that it was not actually an endometriosis. She gave me an antibiotic and fusidin to ease the pain and to cure the swelling skin on my butt it's like an acne and it really made me worried because there were pus coming out to the swelling skin and it's kinda protrude already its like a boil something "ingon nila murag matag tiki na kulob" in tagalog parang "pigsa" heheheh...Last December 7, 2009 I was experiencing so much pain on my stomache and somewhat I have an LBM hehehh daghan kay ko sakit no? December 8 was the Feast Day of our Patron Immaculate Concepcion I did not invite any friends infact I was at school working but I felt pain already on my butt. So I decided to visit my Ob gyne for the check up and sad to say she told me that I need to see a surgeon. So Immediately, she wrote a referral letter to a surgeon doctor and that was Saturday, December 12 and take note that was day that our graduate class had a final defends on our conducted research hays, December 14 we went to Davao Regional Hospital for the check up and eventually the doctor said that I should undergo immediate operation and it was found out that it was Fistula...hays I have no idea what Fistula is until I asked We went home and talked about the situation and mother decided that I should really went a surgery. So December 15, Mama and I went to DRH again for admission, we follow the procedure, we went to emergency room and the resident doctor interviewed me,its a procedure in the hospital even I brought the letter from my doctor who was my surgeon. December 16, 2009 that was the day that we got scared and thinking so many things.hayssssssss.. I know God will help us during the operation. It was so painful especially my anesthesiologist started injecting the anesthesia on my spinal cord hays kasakit jud..The operation lasted 3hours I guess including the recovery period Thanks God it was successful. Though I am very shy that time, many doctors went to my room to check my status. The next day my surgeon went to the room and told us that we can go home.And be back for the check up lastt December 28,2009.. And again my surgeon told us that we had our 2nd stage surgery hays.. and that was January 4, 2010...I know God has a plan. I am now in the process of healing...Hoping for my fast recovery.....I filed a sick leave.... Thank you to all who prayed for me.. I love you all.. hhehhehe ..I believe that Happiness is a courage...Goodluck and Happy New year...

About my graduate class, I am very lucky that I have classmates who are helpful, intelligent, kind and supportive, everytime we encounter problems related to our subjects we find time to have a group discussion after classes. I love them for they are real. Sometimes in doing some research we tend to communicate through email or facebook, we send emails on how to solve our problems and sometimes a discussion via email. Even our professor will text us if we finish already our research.Thank You very much my dear classmates for helping me in so many ways. hehhee

PS. To my Best Friend Norpinang Noor ...Thank You for the unconditional Love.....Happy or Sad you are their to help me without in return...I am so bless that I met you......Your one of a kind....I never had a friend like you before..