Saturday, May 31, 2008


Poohs meeting @ my room

They make my day complete

Photo taken @ the sala

I am so addicted in toys

I love to collect

Even my mom gets angry to me


I feel so secure seeing them

Friday, May 30, 2008



I am very happy that there was a cute guy added me to his friendster, I thought he is just a casual friend, upon the approval of his request to add him to my friendster list I glimpsed first on his photos and thinking who's that cute guy wants to add on my friendslist. I immediately sent him a message if we've talk before or we've meet....or see my letter to him on May 29

Analyn wrote:
> Thanks for adding me to ur friendslist.Have we talked before? or have we met? In short kaila ba ta father? hihihi

I really have no idea whose this cute guy on my frienster, but just this afternoon after doing the household chores I open my friendster and see whose viewing me and whose adding or whose sending me a message, when I saw my friendster that someone sending me a message I immediate read it and and I am so excited because this cute guy send me back his reply... and this is his reply:

classmate mo ako sa dondoy before...
grade two...
kaso i transferred before the sem ends...

Oh my God,, He is my long lost classmate way back elementary years, I am a bit shy because I never had an idea that he is my classmate in grade two,,,,God I cannot remember his name nor his face....Felmar Fiel I am so sorry that I forgot your name and your face or maybe because your a father father na hihihihi.blest me father for I have sins hihihihi....

But Felmar, don't worry I remember your name already, but I cannot recall your cute face huhuhu ...

Father Felmar I am so happy that I have a classmate who is a priest now...I am so thankful that you added me to your friendster list.....I hope that I can talk to you and see you soon. I am so excited already..

Thank You that you can still remember me even many many years passed by.... I salute you for that.... I wish you more success in life and keep touching others heart through preaching....

To you my cute classmate I am very proud of you. Hope soon if we meet, Is it ok na ikaw magkasal sa akin? hehhehehehehhe ...TAKE CARE AND GODBLESS

10 Ways to Remove Stress From Your Life

10 Ways to Remove Stress From Your Life

Author: Natasha Munson

I hope that this will help me to remove my stress

The spiritual lessons that will help you live stress-free! These steps have helped me get on with my life and love it so much that I literally smile in my sleep.

1. Speak and honor your truth. One of the biggest problems, especially for women, is knowing when and how to say no. Many women are born with the need to please and deal with societal pressures to be superwoman. We must learn to say no when we mean no and yes when we truly mean yes. Our truth is a gift that we must honor. We all know when we are not honoring our truth because we feel it in our spirit. Live your life so that everything is a reflection of your truth.

2. Stop feeling obligated. So many times we maintain friendships and relationships out of obligation. We feel that we must remain part of a person’s life because of the length of time we have known them or what we have experienced together in the past. However, people change and you must acknowledge when a friendship is no longer beneficial and enriching. You can feel when someone is draining your life and energy. Then you must remove yourself from the equation. You must remember that you are allowing yourself to feel obligated and you are choosing to be obligated. You can also choose whom you give your time and energy too.

3. Use your faith. Understand that you need God and your faith to deal with the issues and problems that will arise in life. Then use your faith to help you endure. Our faith is like the fuel that keeps our spirits working efficiently. So everyday, read a bible verse and an inspirational message to keep your spirit replenished.

4. Get disciplined. We must lead by example. If we truly want to love our lives and keep depression and bad decisions at bay then we must become disciplined in all areas of our life. Discipline will help us have control over our life and our decisions.

5. Make a commitment. In my life I made a commitment to live a life I loved. That commitment requires me to look at life and people differently. In order to love my life, every decision I make, every friendship and relationship I have, and every opportunity I pursue must keep me on the path of loving my life. You must make a commitment to have your life stand and mean something. People should be able to see the God in you and want to know more about your joy and your life.

6. This too shall pass. We must understand that everything in life has a time, a season and a reason. Life itself is a process and people are a part of that process. When you understand life in these simple terms it gives you the ability to deal with life. No matter what you are dealing with in life, from an annoying coworker to a life-changing event, there is a simple truth that will prevail - this too shall pass.

7. No woe-is-me parties and no excuses. As a human being you will have moments in your life when you feel like saying, why me? There are also times when you will sit down with others and talk about the struggles and hardships of life. We must refuse to partake in the misery moments. You must refuse to give that negative energy power. And then you must stop blocking your own blessing and progress. Most likely if you are not receiving what you want out of life it is because you are blocking yourself in some way. The only person that can stop you from living your purpose and doing what God sent you here to do is you. In order to feel fulfilled in life, you must refuse to make excuses in your life and you must be an active participant in your life. You must do everything you can to keep your life progressing in a positive way.

8. Create a life plan. Make sure it has a time line and a deadline. Plan your life. This simple act will help you when obstacles and opportunities present themselves.

9. Take and make time for yourself. We must incorporate time for ourselves into our lives. Many times we become stressed and overworked because we are in a state of constantly giving. As spiritual people it is easy to understand why we want to be so giving. Yet we all must learn how to replenish and how to get restored. There are twenty-four hours provided in a day. Saying that you do not have time for yourself is an excuse. Not making time for yourself is a choice. So you must simply choose differently. Choose to give time to yourself and decide when and how you will take time for yourself.

10. Love your life. In the lowest moment of my life I adopted the slogan, Live a life you love! It was more than an affirmation. It was a goal I wanted to accomplish. I understood that this goal would alter my life, and it has in an amazing way. Once I committed to living a life I loved my decision-making changed. Suddenly I had to question whether I would look back on an opportunity and say I would have, I could have or I should have. I had to examine whether a decision would leave me with feelings of regret or accomplishment. I became more aware of my choices and my friendships.

2 days absent on my blog

On my 2 days absent I was thinking of my online diary, and thinking also what article will I post.Two days ago I was very busy and had an overtime work because our new Superintendent Dr. Josephine L. Fadul gave an instruction to me to encode and summarize the book of Philosophy of Education wherein she will be reviewing the principals or school head who will undergo Superintendent's test . That's why every time I went home I felt tired and lazy to open my blogs and browsing. Finally, it was finished just this afternoon and I made a powerpoint presentation on her report. But it so sad to know that all the staff in the division office had received a letter coming from the auditor that we have suspension letters for the reason that we have not complied the leaves d since January 2007 together with the DTR, it was a very shocking news because we really filed a leave ahead if it is a vacation leav. Now, we really don't know how it happened, we were sad to know that our HRMO is not actully doing his job properly. So now, we really find time to comply the requirements before the COA will take actions on the said problem.. The rest of the day is actully happy.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is the hand of my mama in making pillow out of Silk Cotton Tree

This is really funny when a good friend of mine LOUIE read my blogs, he told me that the English of DOLDOL is ( SILK COTTON TREE) and the tagalog common name is BUBOI. SEE THE PICTURES OF DOLDOL.Thanks Ugat for the information...


Align Left

Calories in Eggs

Calories in 1 Large Egg - About 76 Calories
Calories in 1 Large Egg White - About 17 Calories
Calories in 1 Large Egg Yolk - About 59 Calories
Calories in Frozen Egg Substitute - About 25 Calories
Calories in Liquid Egg Substitute - About 60 Calories
Calories in 1 Large Fried Egg (using oil or butter) - About 95 Calories
Calories in 1 Large Hard Boiled Egg - About 76 Calories
Calories in 1 Large Poached Egg - About 76 Calories
Calories in 1 Large Raw Egg - About 76 Calories
Calories in 1 Large Scrambled Egg (using oil or butter) - 100 Calories
Calories in 1 Large Duck Egg - About 155 Calories
Calories in Caviar - About 45 Calories per Tablespoon
Calories in Dried Eggs - 1/4 Cup Contains about 125 Calories
Calories in Goose Eggs - 1 Large Egg About 225 Calories
Calories in Quail Eggs - 1 Egg Contains About 15 Calories

Monday, May 26, 2008


Being a teacher is not an easy profession. This is the noblest profession among all professions. And I am proud to say that I am a teacher but it sad to say that I was not able to practice it because I was assigned in the Division Office as Records In charge, my duties and responsibilities are too far from my professions.I monitor the records of all teachers. For six (6) years I have been working as an office girl not a teacher. Now I have realized that in order to have a good future I need to practice my profession, by June I will transfer in a Public School..Good luck to me hihihi,..

Saturday, May 24, 2008


This is our finished product with my mama, we made a pillow out of "doldol" I do not know what doldol in tagalog or english but in Bisaya word its Doldol hehehhe. We've finshed 15 pillows starting 9 in the morning. Our pillows were kept in the bodega nalang,,,Yearly we had this doldol in our farm thats y we had a lot of it..No need to buy pillows.. Another achievements hihihihih

Friday, May 23, 2008


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