Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Just this afternoon I watched Ironman,it was a fantastic movie.

Solid script and Robert Downey Jr. make "Iron Man" a hit, 28 April 2008
Author: movie_man2006 from Brazil

The first big blockbuster of 2008, "Iron Man" is flat-out fun. One of the biggest surprises for many people is that this fun does not come from the action scenes (they're fine, by the way). What really amazes in "Iron Man" is a tour de force from Robert Downey Jr. (they could've named it Downey Junior- The Movie) and a solid script, that efficiently introduces us to the Iron Man history and proves to be a fascinating entry in a possible new franchise.

The movie tells the story of Tony Stark, an inventor and a playboy that is captured by terrorists and forced to create WMDs. While on captivity, he creates a powerful armor and manages to escape. Returning to America, he begins a new life as superhero Iron Man.

Another interesting aspect of "Iron Man" is that it is the first comic book based movie to openly discuss the 9/11 trauma. After all, we start off with terrorists as the bad guys. Its script has a strong political aspect to it, and it's one of the things that manage to keep the audience's attention. It's still an action flick, but that doesn't mean it can't have some content. The characters are good, but they ultimately are overshadowed by Downey Jr.'s performance. Hilarious and heroic, his Tony Stark is the ultimate Marvel action hero. Tough luck, Spiderman.

"Iron Man" is an action blockbuster for a mature audience. There will be more adults interested in the story than teenagers. After all, it is a political adventure. The movie hits and misses, but it still adds up for solid entertainment and lots of popcorn fun.

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