Friday, May 30, 2008

2 days absent on my blog

On my 2 days absent I was thinking of my online diary, and thinking also what article will I post.Two days ago I was very busy and had an overtime work because our new Superintendent Dr. Josephine L. Fadul gave an instruction to me to encode and summarize the book of Philosophy of Education wherein she will be reviewing the principals or school head who will undergo Superintendent's test . That's why every time I went home I felt tired and lazy to open my blogs and browsing. Finally, it was finished just this afternoon and I made a powerpoint presentation on her report. But it so sad to know that all the staff in the division office had received a letter coming from the auditor that we have suspension letters for the reason that we have not complied the leaves d since January 2007 together with the DTR, it was a very shocking news because we really filed a leave ahead if it is a vacation leav. Now, we really don't know how it happened, we were sad to know that our HRMO is not actully doing his job properly. So now, we really find time to comply the requirements before the COA will take actions on the said problem.. The rest of the day is actully happy.

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