Saturday, September 27, 2008

Department of Education, Region XI conducted a three (3) day training on School paper advisers and Campus Journalist at San Roque Elem. School, Davao City.The seminar was headed by Dr. Carmencita Diamante, former ES Filipino in Panabo City.

The three day training gave tremendous
information on how to write a news article .Ed Fernandez professor from Ateneo de Davao was the first speaker.He discussed about news writing.Ed Fer was very articulate and intelligent in giving the information news writing. He is also one of the judges on International News writing contest held at Saranggani Province.

Ed Fer was a good speaker, he has so many tips that he shared with us. I learned a lot from him. Since that was my first time to attend to the said training I was astounded.

He also mentioned about, one sentence one paragraph. But one thing that it made me curious was the story of Tuesdays with Moorie, he kept mentioning about the story.I remember when he said that," Before you master everything, you need to have trainings and it is a process.

Our second speaker was Mrs. Cabusao an Editor-in-Chief in Mindanao Times. She talked about Editorial Writing.

She has the ability to express her thoughts to the listener. She is really a woman with authority when it comes to her article. She said that editorial writing is one of the writing styles to express an opinion on a particular issues and or events. She explains the topic well.

Moses Billacura was our speaker in Sports Writing. He was working at City Hall of Davao City and a Sports Editor of Edge Davao-The Business Weekly. He thoroughly explained how to write an interesting news especially in sports. He said that sportswriting is a livelier form of news writing. He also talks about the several kinds of sports stories. The best thing that he said was that;

"The sportswriter must not only have a complete master of the language in which he is writing or the instinct called the nose for news”.

We have also speakers from Sunstar, from Cor jesu Colleges, Gemaima Valderama. They are actually expert in discussing the topic. They are not boring speakers. Even it is my first time to attend but I have learned so many things. I hope that when I go home I can apply it.Every word they speak it inculcated in my mind.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Women Really Want?

Are you fed up with people asking when you’re going to get married?So then why do women get married? Certainly not for the money. Some women married out of loneliness?Are you agree with that?hmmm or you're ready to get married but he Isn't. There are lots of reasons why women want to get married before women reach the age of 30.Here is something about the number 30 that strikes fear into any woman hoping to get married and have children .Many women want to get married sooner or later, however, they want to marry the man of their dreams, soul mate, or Mr. Prince Charming.Getting married is a special, exciting, and busy time that most women dream of. When I am having my daily routine which is surfing to the net. I found this article that really suited for my new post. Read below..

According to Donny Deutsch on the Today Show this morning, women do not want the same thing as men sexually.

Find out more about what women really want:

  • Do women really want cuddling or intercourse?
  • Is the man women have ended up with, the best sex they have had?
  • What is more important for women, friendship or sex?
  • Do women settle or are they with the man of their dreams?
  • What percentage of women are happy in their relationship or marriage?

According to the survey, what type of physical interaction do women really want, cuddling or intercourse? The survey indicated that 47% wanted cuddling; whereas only 25% wanted intercourse, not indicating what the other 28% reported.

One interviewee probably said it best, "They are not separate." In other words, cuddling and intercourse are both good but not as effective in isolation.

What about this one? Is the man that women have ended up with, the best sex they have had? According to the survey, 68% of the women reported yes.

What is more important to women, friendship or sex?

  • Friendship 56%
  • Sex 1%
  • Equally 42%

Here is the million dollar question. Do women settle or do they believe they have found the man of their dreams?

  • Yes 67%
  • No 19%
  • Not sure 14%

What percentage of women are happy in their marriage or relationship? Surprisingly 91% said they were happy which contradicts most statistics that indicates that less than half of marriages report satisfaction. Not sure if the high statistics are influenced by those in relationships and not married.

What do you think? Do women (or men) settle or is it possible to find the lover of your dreams? Are you happy in your marriage or relationship?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Justice for Baby? Who's fault?

Upon browsing to different blogs and other sites I found this site who catch my attention to read this article, this site was I was a bit surprised though it was common issues but since it is near to our place I felt pity to this young lady who had a scandal in a certain cafe. Please read the whole article for further information about what happened to this young lady.To the owner of this article thank you for sharing this to the other bloggers. This serves as a lesson to those who has a boyfriends outside in our place or even just for fun.

NEWS: Internet cafes welcome mayor’s probe on Tagum sex scandal

September 15, 2008

sept 11

The president of the association of internet cafés in Tagum City bared yesterday they welcome the ongoing investigation of Mayor Rey Uy in identifying the establishment where the spreading Tagum sex video scandal took place.

Eddie Silagan, president of Internet Café Association of Tagum (ICAT), said that they are just waiting for the results of the mayor’s current probe.

During last Tuesday’s meeting of the Internet Café Housing Board (ICAB) the mayor called on internet café operators to police their own ranks into not violating the city ordinance regulating the operations of internet cafes such as the allowing pornography to happen and the minors and schoolchildren to play online games during school hours inside their establishments and others, Silagan said.

The mayor has also urged them to unite and not to fight against each other for the internet user market which internet cafes could share in healthy competition.

At press time, internet cafes in the city are already being subjected to close monitoring by the City Hall after Uy mayor issued an executive order earlier this week creating a monitoring group from his own office to strictly enforce the city internet café ordinance.

Silagan, who is the operator of the Aroma Internet Café along Mabini Street, said his establishment itself had been checked and monitored for any violation the other day.

He said they also welcome the mayor’s monitoring saying that internet operators in the city have been wary now after the sex video scandal of a UM-Tagum female student broke out in news last week.

He said that internet café owners worry over implications of the unknown liability in case the internet café where the cyber sex scandal took place is identified saying that what if the establishment is known but the person who recorded the sex video could not be identified among those working in the internet café.

He said for his establishment alone he has two assistants rotating in the shifts in the morning and in the evening.

Vice Mayor Allan Rellon earlier said that the mayor would not hesitate to close down the erring establishment in this city’s own sex scandal that has already spread to cellphones and the Internet.

On Monday, the UM-Tagum administration blamed the still unknown internet café in the city as the one which caused for the spread of a 20-minuter sex video clip of one of its students who later dropped out.

In the much-talked video clip that has stunned the city, the UM-Tagum young female student using a chat user name “Baby” bared sensitive parts of her body and used sex toy penis while chatting with a prodding foreigner chat boyfriend with username “Clyde”.

Asked on the charge that the involved internet café has used a remote access software in stealthily recording Baby’s orgasmic acts, Silagan said it is a possibility but “most of the internet café owners are only more of entrepreneurs doing business and do not know about it”.

He added though that there are internet cafes in the city which have owners, technicians and workers who might have known about the operations of remote access softwares.

He said that for him it would be difficult for outsider technicians hired to do occasional computer repairs to install these programs without the owners knowing it.

He said that internet café operators are usually not experts on the technical side of the business.

ICAT has also welcomed the call for the amendment of the city internet café ordinance with provisions from lessons learned from this city’s own sex video scandal.

Silagan also reiterated anew his group’s condemnation over the use of the internet café for pornography purposes and the spread of Baby’s sex video clip.

While he said the sex video scandal is an “isolated case”, Silagan also described that the sex video scandals “are not at all new” but “common” these days in the Internet. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Mayor Uy to close internet café in sex video scandal

September 13, 2008

For Baby’s justice

Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy will not hesitate to close down the internet café found to be the one where the so-called Tagum sex video scandal occurred as the city authorities continue on their probe on it.

Vice Mayor Allan Rellon relayed this to Sidlak after the interagency Internet Café Advisory Board (ICAB) convened Tuesday upon instruction of the mayor to tackle on the sex video scandal involving a young female student of the University of Mindanao-Tagum City and recommend measures to the mayor to address it.

Rellon presided the meeting of ICAB which he co-chairs with the mayor.
He said that the mayor, who is now investigating the case, will not hesitate his discretionary power to revoke or not renew the business permit of the internet café where the cyber scandal took place.

He said the ICAB also resolved and recommended to Mayor Uy for internet café attendants or watchers to secure occupational permits from the City Hall with a certificate of attendance of ICAB seminar.

ICAB has also scheduled a meeting with owners of internet cafes on Sept. 29 at 2 P.M. at the Sangguniang Panglungsod session hall.

In Tagum sex video scandal, the UM-Tagum coed with user name “Baby” on school uniform chatted with a foreigner chat boyfriend with user name “Clyde” who was directing “Baby” to bare sensitive parts of her body before a webcam.

In the video clip that has spread to cellphones and in the Internet, “Baby” also uses a sex toy penis. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: UM-Tagum blames internet café in city’s sex video scandal

September 9, 2008

Coed “Baby” commits suicide?

The head-director of the University of Mindanao-Tagum City is blaming the still unidentified internet café in Tagum City which has reportedly taped one of the school’s female students who figured in what is dubbed as Tagum sex video scandal that has been already widely spreading in cellphones and in the Internet.

UMTC director Fely Rabaca said that the internet café involved in recording the involved chatting coed should get the blame and punishment for the spread of sex video clip.

She said though that if the coed were still in the school when school authorities knew of the sex video scandal the student could be immediately expelled for tarnishing the school’s reputation as provided in the UMTC disciplinary manual.

“We could not even issue a good moral character certificate for her,” she said.

“Ang internet café gyud ang maoy basolon kay sila ang nakahibalo sa pamaagi (the internet café should be blamed as they know the technology),” she added.

Rabaca also said that school authorities could not prevent students for what they are doing outside the school.

She bared that she instructed her Office of the Student Affairs to investigate on the matter sometime in the first week of last August.

This developed as Sidlak heard from a group of UM-Tagum personnel yesterday that they heard unconfirmed reports that “Baby”, chat username of the suspected UM-Tagum coed, has tried to commit or has committed suicide by cutting her wrist. “Naglaslas daw”.

Baby has since then fled the city to unknown place.

Rabaca said that per school records as of July 18 Baby was considered already “officially dropped” and considered no longer a UM-Tagum student when the news about the sex scandal broke out in the media and at the city’s session hall last week.

Baby is considered to have finished only her first year in UM-Tagum since she managed to officially dropped her subjects during the first term of the first semester of this school year obviously before whispers about her grew louder inside the campus.

Also, Baby managed to secure an honorable dismissal before her sex video clip has been widely shared through the cellphones of many students in the campus, said Maricar Cainglet, UM-Tagum high school guidance counselor.

She said that she only saw Baby’s video clip in a cellphone last August 19.

The guidance counselor said that the last time she saw Baby in the campus was July 16 processing her papers.

She said she was so surprised and even could not believe of the sex video showing Baby describing her as a “sweet, buotan (good) and intelligent student.”

She learned though about her coming from a broken family.

She added that Baby had at least twice shifted in course while studying in UM-Tagum and was a transferee from a college in Davao del Sur.

Baby had also studied at the St. Mary’s College in the city from 1st year to 3rd year high school and graduated in a town in one of Davao provinces.

The UM-Tagum authorities have strongly called yesterday on people to stop spreading further Baby’s sex video.

In what others dubbed as UM Tagum sex video scandal, Baby was chatting with an obviously foreigner chat boyfriend with a blurred username “Cled” or “Clyd” in the chat message box. ((Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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Saturday, September 13, 2008




s a site administrator of DIGOS CITY IRC Website, I recieved this mail in thru my contact page:


Thursday, September 11, 2008 2:39 PM


Add sender to Contacts



Ms. Melody Oroc has joined our Creator about a week ago. We are looking for her relative in the Philippines:

117 Llanos St., Digos, Davao, Philippines

Pls. contact Ms. Aurora Rodriguez at 604-779-6719. Si Ms. Aurora po ang nakakakilala kay Ms. Melody pero very limited po ang pagkakakilala nila.

May God bless you for your kindnesses in helping us locate the above relative of late Ms. Melody Oroc.

I replied her in the next day with further clarification of the location, country, area code. and received her prompt response.


Friday, September 12, 2008 12:02 AM

From: This sender is DomainKeys verified

Add sender to Contacts


Cc: “Aurora Rodriguez”

Hi Louie,

Marami pong salamat. Nasa Morgue pa siya ng hospital, as of this emailing, my friend Aurora is still trying to coordinate things. I will get all the details from my friend Aurora, i.e. hospital, tel. no., exact location, etc.

Nakakaawa kasi dahil namatay na mag-isa. She died in the hospital.

Whatever info you could give so that we could get in touch with her family would be greatly appreciated.

Pakisabi po sa relative to contact:

Ms. Aurora Rodriguez at 604-779-6719 (Vancouver, B.C., Canada)

Ang challenge kasi kung paano i-ship iyong body and wala namang funds na available tapos we just need to get go signal from the family. Kung wala kasing funds na available, baka ipacremate na and then the ashes na lang iyong ipapadala sa family. Thus, it is important that my friend, Aurora, speaks with the family of late Ms. Melody.

Namatay daw as per the Public Trustee of Canada noong August 31 pa yata kaya lang nahanap lang si Ate Aurora ng Public Trustee the other night dahil naisulat ni late Ms. Melody iyong pangalan ni Ate Aurora na next of kin niya while she was hospitalized. Hindi na raw nakausap man lang ni Ate Aurora dahil nobody knew na nahospital pala at tuloy naring namatay bigla sa hospital.

Thank you ulit sa tulong ninyo.



Vancouver, Canada


I advised her to contact the nearest Philippine Embassy in her location. I want to extend this message to my blog follower and readers in the Philippines particularly in the City of Digos where the concerned person is located.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Nabasahan nako ni sa usa nako ka friend na nag post og message sa friendster.Imong uyab ba ani ang mga rason? Pwes paghuna huna na sa makadaghan mo Deal ba ka or mo No deal....

4 symptoms nga naay lain imong uya
1. Sige ug kasakit, dili makipagkita kay naay headache,stomachache, toothache,backache. kulang nlang moingon operahan siya.
2. Sayo pirme matulog, 10pm pa tulog na. motext lang good night, u.. padulong diay to ug laag.
3. Kung mananghid pod nga molaag, magsige ug kalowbat, walay signal, walay load, kulang nalang moingon na nasnatch iyang cp.
4. Sige pangutana, "wer ka?" dili tungod miss ka niya, mahadlok lang siya mag-abot mo sa isa ka lugar..