Saturday, September 27, 2008

Department of Education, Region XI conducted a three (3) day training on School paper advisers and Campus Journalist at San Roque Elem. School, Davao City.The seminar was headed by Dr. Carmencita Diamante, former ES Filipino in Panabo City.

The three day training gave tremendous
information on how to write a news article .Ed Fernandez professor from Ateneo de Davao was the first speaker.He discussed about news writing.Ed Fer was very articulate and intelligent in giving the information news writing. He is also one of the judges on International News writing contest held at Saranggani Province.

Ed Fer was a good speaker, he has so many tips that he shared with us. I learned a lot from him. Since that was my first time to attend to the said training I was astounded.

He also mentioned about, one sentence one paragraph. But one thing that it made me curious was the story of Tuesdays with Moorie, he kept mentioning about the story.I remember when he said that," Before you master everything, you need to have trainings and it is a process.

Our second speaker was Mrs. Cabusao an Editor-in-Chief in Mindanao Times. She talked about Editorial Writing.

She has the ability to express her thoughts to the listener. She is really a woman with authority when it comes to her article. She said that editorial writing is one of the writing styles to express an opinion on a particular issues and or events. She explains the topic well.

Moses Billacura was our speaker in Sports Writing. He was working at City Hall of Davao City and a Sports Editor of Edge Davao-The Business Weekly. He thoroughly explained how to write an interesting news especially in sports. He said that sportswriting is a livelier form of news writing. He also talks about the several kinds of sports stories. The best thing that he said was that;

"The sportswriter must not only have a complete master of the language in which he is writing or the instinct called the nose for news”.

We have also speakers from Sunstar, from Cor jesu Colleges, Gemaima Valderama. They are actually expert in discussing the topic. They are not boring speakers. Even it is my first time to attend but I have learned so many things. I hope that when I go home I can apply it.Every word they speak it inculcated in my mind.

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