Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year Online Friends

I will dedicate this poem to all my online friends..Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
When I read this poem...I thought of you!
I had some free time,
so what did I do?
I checked the computer to see
if I'd heard from you.
I used to walk out to a box to retrieve mail
But I'd rather get it instantly than wait on the snail...
Checking my email isalways funI usually get a joke or
greeting from someone.
I feel so connected because on the other end
I know I've discovered a newfound friend.
When I've had a hard day and need to share
Here I can find a friend who will listen and care.
And to this friend I hope I let know
That I am always there forthem also.
Isn't it a strange kind of bond we form?
It isn't exactly like the "norm"
But where is it written,face to face we have to be
For you to be a very goodfriend to me?
That little joke, or note, oreven just a simple "Hi"
Could be like a ray of sunshine from the sky.S
o my online-pals , this is dedicated to you
For all the smiles you have made anew
May our friendship continue to grow
and the warmth we feelcontinue to flow.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Be happy and continue to walk in your journey as we go through life is what you make it. This Christmas Season we share our blessings, our joy and laughters.Christmas is in our hearts. So, ladies and getlemen presenting my another joyful events during this Christmas Season,here they are....








Friday, December 19, 2008

If you were a judge

I would like to share to you what will be your comment if you will know that your superior is one of the contender in one activity like public speaking?

If you were the superior and your employees were having a competition like public speaking, will you allow yourself to join on the said competition? If you were one of the judges what will you do?Take note,you were not one of the employees of this agency.You were just requested to judge the said contest. Is it necessary that the boss will join the said contest? Why not leave the contest to those employees? Of course your the boss it is expected that your more that goodenough than them.

At the end, the result was already computed and it was found out that the boss was the winner.What would we expect,of course shes the superior among her colleagues,why not give the chance to those employees with lower than her rank so that she may able to atleast evaluate how far is the exposure of her employees right? The tendency is that, her employee were not given a chance to atleast get the first prize.Well, maybe it was just for fun, but,for me,it's not that important.lol

Well, this is just my observation, for me, it should not be,superior is always a superior.She has a discretion and she has all the powers to decide. It is better that she will observe and listen to her employees performance...Hay,,,,,,it is a sadden experience that I encounter..hahhaha wala lang gud nag drama lang ko

Sunday, December 14, 2008

How To Know If You Are Ready To Have Sex

How To Know If You Are Ready To Have Sex

How to Know if You Are Ready to Have Sex

Starting intimate relationships with a person you like is a serious choice. However the first step may leave some room for thinking over. The decision you make about your first time can have a crucial effect not only on your relationships but on your whole future life, leaving either sad or pleasant emotions.


  1. Define the stage of your relationship with your partner. Do you know this person well enough? Are you open with each other? First time sex may turn out to be not so smooth and pleasant. The person with whom you are going to have first time sex will leave memories which are not likely to fade. Is this a person you'll want to forget or will this interlude recall pleasant emotions later ?
  2. Put your values in order. Ask yourself what pushes you to have sex with this person: curiosity, desire or wish to prove to everyone you are mature enough. The consequences of your first sexual experience will most probably reflect those reasons. Thus, if you want to look mature in the eyes of your peers, you probably will, although you might not feel any change in yourself.
  3. Discuss sex-related topics. This may seem intimidating at first, but is very helpful in getting to know the other person better. Besides it may give you some idea on what to expect from your first sexual experience. Talk about sex related topics so sex will be a comfortable topic between you and your partner.
  4. Imagine the whole process. Once you had your imaginary first time experience scrolled in your head, you will realize it is not so scary and you have plenty time at your disposal to make it just great.
  5. Ask yourself again and again if you're ready, and remember that you can stop anytime you feel uncomfortable with your partner.


  • Some people feel conflicted about having sex before marriage. If your beliefs tell you to avoid sexual activity, consider the decision carefully.
  • Remember that sex can strengthen a relationship, but it won't bring two strangers closer. Sexual satisfaction is not all about techniques and experience. Focus on finding a careful partner who respects your feelings rather than on having a perfect performance.
  • Losing virginity shouldn't be a goal in itself, but rather a part of a good and satisfying relationship.
  • Don't think of your first time sex as an exam you have to pass. This will increase tension and uneasiness. Keep in mind that in case something goes wrong, you can always put off sex and simply be affectionate to each other.
  • If you are worried about "getting caught" you are almost certainly too young. The most difficult time to have sex you won't regret later is the time when you aren't mature enough to make the decision.
  • If you're not old enough but your partner is, in the US it is legally considered "statutory rape" which in many places carries the same penalty as any other form of rape. This applies regardless of which one is over the age of consent and which one is under. However, it is generally a lot harder to discover and unless someone (such as a parent) finds out, any charges or attempt at charges are rare
  • Get familiar with information about STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and pregnancy. Having good sexual relationships is secondary to having good sexual health. Thus take responsibility for your own health and have contraceptives (i.e. condom) handy.
  • If you're this worried and confused, DON'T DO IT!


  • Having sex can result in pregnancy. Be sure to practice safe sex and use contraception to prevent this.
  • Don't make use of alcohol or drugs to reduce fear or anxiety. Being under the influence could cloud your perceptions as well as your judgment.
  • Do not have sex if you may not legally give consent to your partner. The legal ages vary across jurisdictions, so make sure you're not violating local ones - this will get the person in trouble.
  • Be careful with your decision when you're very young, especially if you are a teenager. Many young people who simply jump into a sexual relationship wind up having their feelings deeply hurt.

How to kiss creatively

Do you have a problem on how to kiss creatively? Well, perhaps most of us know how to kiss right? To those who doesn't know how to make a kiss in a creative way,then I suggest that you should watch this instruction..lol ...GOODLICK AMfff I mean Goodluck

The Perfect Kiss:How To Kiss Creatively

Friday, December 12, 2008

Daghang Salamat Bisdakplanet

Atong December 11, 2008 sa alas nuwebe sa buntag gi panghatag na ang mga pinaskuhan na gihatag sa bisdakplanet foundation. Kuyog ang amo Principal,mga studyante og kaming mga maestra mi pasundayag sa dakong pasalamat kay natagaan ang 300 ka bata na pinaka ka kabus na studyante. Naa usab ang mga ginikanan aron mi saksi sa maong ipanghatag na mga regalo. Di a ang mga hulagway sa mga bata na pirting lipaya,sangko sa langit ila kalipay na tagaan cla og pinaskuhan.


Sa ngalan sa G.L. Dondoy Central Elem.School nga mga studyante, mga ginikanan, mga maestra og labi na sa among Principal nag pa abot kaninyong tanan na taga bisdakplanet daghann kay salamat na dako sa mga regalo na gihatag sa amo kini dako jud ning ikatabang sa amoa labi na sa panahon karon na nag kalisod. Usbon ko Daghang daghan salamat kaninyo mga higala. Maayong Pasko og Mabungahong Bag-ong Tuig. Ang Ginoo maana ninyo tanan…..


Atong December 11, 2008 sa alas nuwebe sa buntag gi panghatag na ang mga pinaskuhan na gihatag sa bisdakplanet foundation. Kuyog ang amo Principal,mga studyante og kaming mga maestra mi pasundayag sa dakong pasalamat kay natagaan ang 300 ka bata na pinaka ka kabus na studyante. Naa usab ang mga ginikanan aron mi saksi sa maong ipanghatag na mga regalo. Di a ang mga hulagway sa mga bata na pirting lipaya,sangko sa langit ila kalipay na tagaan cla og pinaskuhan.


Sa ngalan sa G.L. Dondoy Central Elem.School nga mga studyante, mga ginikanan, mga maestra og labi na sa among Principal nag pa abot kaninyong tanan na taga bisdakplanet daghann kay salamat na dako sa mga regalo na gihatag sa amo kini dako jud ning ikatabang sa amoa labi na sa panahon karon na nag kalisod. Usbon ko Daghang daghan salamat kaninyo mga higala. Maayong Pasko og Mabungahong Bag-ong Tuig. Ang Ginoo maana ninyo tanan…..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Preparation/Segregation of the Gifts

Photos taken during the segregation of school supplies. 300 most indigent students will be given a Pamaskong Handog gikan sa Bisdakplanet foundation


Last Saturday morning a friend and a co-member from bisdakplanet named Choco called me and informing that she already sent the money to moneygram and we also talked about the said gift to be given to our school. So, I immediately prepared myself to get the money so that I can buy the gift for our most indigent students and I was very excited. I went to One Network Bank to get the money, but the teller informed me that the secret code was incorrect. So I immediately went home to emailed Bisdak foundation about the wrong code. I waited for the reply,so last Monday when I opened my email the correct code was there. Since I was quite busy that time because it was A feast day of Immaculate Conception, I decided to get the money on the next day that was Tuesday or shall I say Yesterday, I went to RD Pawnshop to claim again the said amount,finally the secret code was accepted. So I went immediately to Davao City to bought the school supplies for the Paskong Handog from Bisdakplanet. I roamed around to canvass the most cheapest items. I went to Uyanguren, SanPedro but I have not seen wholesale products,so I decided to rode a taxi to go back to Uyanguren and buy the item in NCCC. On the taxi upon going to Uyanguren, I asked the the taxi Driver where can I found the wholesale/ retail for school supplies, so he answered that he knew where to buy the said items, I was so happy. He dropped me in Davao Unified Corp and finally I saw plenty of school supplies. These are the following school supplies that I bought.

Mao kini ang mga supplies na ako gipamalit

di a pa oh
Mao ni nga tindahan nga ako gipalitan

Teller sa RD Pawnshop nag lista sa i release na kwarta

form na ako gi fill out

21 dozens Mongol 2 Pencil
300 pcs plastic transparent envelop
6 doz paste Lion small
4 boxes uni ballpen black color
1 box ballpen color blue
200 pcs eraser
100 apple intermediate paper for Grades V & VI
50 pads fiesta paper for Grades I
50 pads fiesta paper for Grades II
50 pads fiesta paper for Grades III
50 pads fiesta paper for Grades IV
100 sets articulate crayons #8
10 pcs sticker oranges
50 pcs ruler
15 diarynotebook
1 pc photopaper

The receipt will be emailed to the bisdak foundation.

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Condolence to the family of Tito Jun


Tonight a friend of mine sent an offline message that Tito June died last Monday in Dubai. It is really a bad news to us with Beverly. God, it is really painful to hear that that nice and generous man passed away. It was just 7 months ago that we stayed in their flat and he is really a nice man and he was like a father to us with Beverly and even to the boarders. Tito Jun and Tita Porie treated us nicely as if we were their real children. Thank you Tito Jun for coming into our lives, you really served as an inspiration to us. Thank you for the nice treat, for driving for us and guiding us when we were in Dubai. We will miss you Tito Jun.

Dear God,
Please let Tito Jun enter in your Kingdom
Forgive Tito Jun for his sins.
Make him happy beside you.

Lord please take care of Tito Jun
and let him introduce to my father
I am sure my father will be happy
seeing the man that help us
when we were in Dubai.

Lord let Tita Porie enlighten
and give her full strength to carry the trials
Please take care of her and give her enough strength
to accept all that she encounters
Lord give her good health and and a courage to
take care of their children.

Lord please help the children of Tito to heal the pain
that they suffer now
Touch their heart and make them calm
Give her hope to stand again and face a new life

All these we ask in Jesus name we Pray

To all readers please let us offer a prayer to Tito Jun.

Thank You and Godbless

Friday, November 14, 2008

Assassination of Jaime

Last night we were very nervous because there was a man shot by unknown persons. As we were chit chat with my family we heard 4 gun shot, and my aunts and uncle shouted, as we heard the the shout we run outside to know what happened to my uncle and aunt.They shouted "patay" patay" tabang tabang ambulance og police, so I went home immediately to call policemen and ambulance. After that I ran near the school where the man was there sitting and shouted help. We do nothing because of all were afraid to touched the man. According to them the name of the man was Jaime resinding in Purok Cogon, Cagangohan, Panabo City. We don't know him because its far bit in our purok. I saw tha man sitting on the street with bloody shirt, the blood runs to the street and he looked pale. And I think 10 minutes after the ambulance was coming and fetch the assasin.

According to the family there were two men were knocking on their door and asked wheres Jaime, so the wife just say "tuana na milakaw na". My uncle said "kalooy aning tawhana init pa man baon mo trabaho pa guro ni" .All of us remain no idea why he was shot by two men.Anyway, this Jaime was working in Melsi Company.

I will show you the pictures of this Jaime assassin.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beautiful turns to Bettyful

Just this evening when I visit the site of Ms. Fil-Am Journey .It captured my eyes to this lady that her face was swollen because she injected cooking oil into her face,so I urgently read the content to know what happen to her face She was a Korean woman addicted to plastic surgery . It is really true that if you have money you can do anything you want and like, but this article all I can say is "Be contented of what GOd given to you,because we created on His image and likeness. So,therefore no individual is ugly. Since human as we are, we commit sins and tend to forget the most treasure gift which God given to us and that is our individual uniqueness. Thank you Ms.DebbieDana for the nice article.Complete story here...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flood hits G.L Dondoy

This morning I was amazed of what I saw, God our school was so full of water.Some children were playing and some were cleaning the room. Look what happened to our school this morning.
All Grades Six Sections having their classes at the stage
Grade Six students were cleaning the room

Hmmm They are thinking what to do...

Is this a lake?No,its not its a school.

Monday, November 10, 2008

DO you have a DEpression?

First Aid Against Depression
When I was in DepEd Division Office my depression often comes out.Thanks God when I transferred to teaching it seldom happened, or let say once in a blue moon. I feel so happy now especially I see kids everyday. I am always inspired to teach and excited to see my students everyday.

If you have a depression you can visit this site:
First Aid Against Depression.{...}

Friday, November 07, 2008

How to Kiss Someone Passionately

You can see this video as an instruction on how to kiss someone passionately,but don't think it negatively, I saw this site from you tube. Please be guided accordingly.This could actually help you grow more your relationship,hehehheh..Am I right?hehhe.Enjoy watching

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No Collection Policy for Public School

The Department of Education is strictly implemented the "No Collection Policy on Public School". Our School head send a memo about this and what can we comment on the said policy. After our school head gathers the information here are the findings.

Report on Feedbacks/Report on Department of Education issuance and policies on school contributions/fees.


1. There is no question against "No collection Policy" because it really helps the children to enroll without paying the school fess especially today that we are suffering economic crisis, but how can a school run without a financial assistance from the parent, there is a possibility that the involvement of both academic and non academic of teh students will be decreased.

2. No collection policy is good if the problem of the schools is only minor, but if the school has big problems everybody should contribute.

3. School activities could not be done without money. Some schools could not participate in every activities conducted by the District and in the Division level due to lack of school funds and it hinders the horizons of every learners to learn and it lessen the exposures of children. Some do not have enough money to pay the registration and even the fare.

4. It is good to collect money if the purpose is benefit for children, but if the purpose is just a luxurious thing, collection of fees is not recommended.

5. Education is expensive if there is no collection the agency must provide all the necessities of the school and of the student.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Criselda Volks Scandal

Just this afternoon, I watched the Buzz and I am quite curious and dismayed of what I've seen and heard about a sexy artist named Criselda Volks, she was dragged to a very catastrophic,disastrous and scandalous issue on a so called "sex scandal" well its not actually a very astounding issue for me no, but really it catches my attention that this Criselda Volks actually revealed and clearly stated on the buzz that she was the girl on the video, his ex boyfriend recorded their love affair,because of my curiosity I browse it on the net and it was really true that she did a scandalous video.That sexy star Criselda Volks has a scandal video and take note, it is not just a one time video but a four part series, this is really very a big revelation to her daughter. now, the question is how can she protect her daughter especially it was broadcasted in the television as well as in the internet. I found this article in Journal online about Criselda Volks, read below:

‘Criselda,’ nakakaawa sa sex video
Kung ilalarawan ang napanood naming apat na video ay “nakakaawa” talaga si Criselda Volks.
Hindi maipagkakailang siya ’yung nasa video na nakahiga sa kama at “sinasamantala” ng isang Malaysian.
Gusto naming murahin nang bonggang-bongga ’yung lalaki, dahil “nagamit” na nga niya ’yung katawan nu’ng babae, talagang kinunan pa niya ng video.
Ginawa nitong “bading” si Criselda.
Honestly, hanggang ngayon, natutulala pa rin kami kapag naaalala namin ang video na ipinakita sa amin.Parang gusto pa rin naming maniwala na hindi si Criselda ’yon at hindi rin siya ’yung nakatuwad na babaing may maliit na tattoo sa kanang pisngi ng puwet.

If you are curios too, try to search it on the web about the scandal and make judgemen on it. According to Ogie it was "sinamantala"
Publish Post
? Is she really sinamantala? For me lang ha, why this girl Criselda allowed his boyfriend to record their intimacy?Why she doesn't even react when she treated like a gay? If you can see the video, really it's not what love means to me..It's really a big insult to do such act where infact she's actually a gorgeous lady..hhehhehe hay nako nakiki chismisan na tuloy ako.////

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Today I only stay in our house, I kept on sleeping all day, mother went to the cemetery to visit our other relatives who had passed away. I keep lying on my bed, waiting for another day to come, I was so lazy to go out on my bedroom, that's why mother and my sister got mad at me because of my laziness.But I promise to myself that I will visit papa's tomb tomorrow, anyway, my father's tomb was actually closely near at the back of our house, I do not know yet if I will come to the cemetery on Sunday that's tomorrow,I might not be going hhehe unless mother will not go there again. On my room, I keep on browsing to the net and it comes up to my mind what is the "ORIGIN OF HALLOWEEN"[...] I found it so interesting.

Apparently,it came to the point that I questioned myself why there is an All souls day and All saints day, though it's quiet embarrassing for me that I was not able to get the essence of this above holidays though we celebrate this yearly, in short I was taboo on this matter, so I immediately ask google about the origin and the story of ALL SOULS DAY and ALL SAINTS DAY....Click the photo for the complete details...
All Souls DayOur Redeemer Lutheran Church