Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No Collection Policy for Public School

The Department of Education is strictly implemented the "No Collection Policy on Public School". Our School head send a memo about this and what can we comment on the said policy. After our school head gathers the information here are the findings.

Report on Feedbacks/Report on Department of Education issuance and policies on school contributions/fees.


1. There is no question against "No collection Policy" because it really helps the children to enroll without paying the school fess especially today that we are suffering economic crisis, but how can a school run without a financial assistance from the parent, there is a possibility that the involvement of both academic and non academic of teh students will be decreased.

2. No collection policy is good if the problem of the schools is only minor, but if the school has big problems everybody should contribute.

3. School activities could not be done without money. Some schools could not participate in every activities conducted by the District and in the Division level due to lack of school funds and it hinders the horizons of every learners to learn and it lessen the exposures of children. Some do not have enough money to pay the registration and even the fare.

4. It is good to collect money if the purpose is benefit for children, but if the purpose is just a luxurious thing, collection of fees is not recommended.

5. Education is expensive if there is no collection the agency must provide all the necessities of the school and of the student.


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