Friday, November 14, 2008

Assassination of Jaime

Last night we were very nervous because there was a man shot by unknown persons. As we were chit chat with my family we heard 4 gun shot, and my aunts and uncle shouted, as we heard the the shout we run outside to know what happened to my uncle and aunt.They shouted "patay" patay" tabang tabang ambulance og police, so I went home immediately to call policemen and ambulance. After that I ran near the school where the man was there sitting and shouted help. We do nothing because of all were afraid to touched the man. According to them the name of the man was Jaime resinding in Purok Cogon, Cagangohan, Panabo City. We don't know him because its far bit in our purok. I saw tha man sitting on the street with bloody shirt, the blood runs to the street and he looked pale. And I think 10 minutes after the ambulance was coming and fetch the assasin.

According to the family there were two men were knocking on their door and asked wheres Jaime, so the wife just say "tuana na milakaw na". My uncle said "kalooy aning tawhana init pa man baon mo trabaho pa guro ni" .All of us remain no idea why he was shot by two men.Anyway, this Jaime was working in Melsi Company.

I will show you the pictures of this Jaime assassin.