Saturday, November 01, 2008


Today I only stay in our house, I kept on sleeping all day, mother went to the cemetery to visit our other relatives who had passed away. I keep lying on my bed, waiting for another day to come, I was so lazy to go out on my bedroom, that's why mother and my sister got mad at me because of my laziness.But I promise to myself that I will visit papa's tomb tomorrow, anyway, my father's tomb was actually closely near at the back of our house, I do not know yet if I will come to the cemetery on Sunday that's tomorrow,I might not be going hhehe unless mother will not go there again. On my room, I keep on browsing to the net and it comes up to my mind what is the "ORIGIN OF HALLOWEEN"[...] I found it so interesting.

Apparently,it came to the point that I questioned myself why there is an All souls day and All saints day, though it's quiet embarrassing for me that I was not able to get the essence of this above holidays though we celebrate this yearly, in short I was taboo on this matter, so I immediately ask google about the origin and the story of ALL SOULS DAY and ALL SAINTS DAY....Click the photo for the complete details...
All Souls DayOur Redeemer Lutheran Church

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  1. Me too, I stayed in the house the whole day dutring All Saint's Day. It's too hot to go out and I don't like going out on a crowded place especially on public cemeteries. God bless!