Monday, October 27, 2008


Another day gone by, my gosh its 15 years that I long for a father, I really missed my dad so much. Every time I pray I always include my father hoping that even in a dream will hug him tightly and kissed him. For 15 years I never feel secure because of the absence of my father, I never think that mama can survive without my daddy but thanks God because of your Holy presence we are strong. Lord Jesus, I am sorry for my sins, I renounce Satan and all his works, And I give you my life. I accept you whom I've just received in communion. I now receive and accept you as my personal Lord and my personal Savior, and as we just prayed, fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Amen

Dear Dad,

Dad, you know I prayed to God everyday that He will give us a chance to hug you even just a dream. Even on this all souls day. To let us feel the presence of you dad because we really missed you so much.

Lord I humbly pray that daddy is happy now and guiding us in everything we do. You know Lord I keep asking why do we experience such dilemma? I am sorry Lord, if I ask You like this, really truly had a hard time coping all the things that happen into our lives. For 15 years we never feel his presence even in our dream.

I really took for granted all the things that daddy taught me, now I’ve realized the value that he bestowed on me, I am sorry dad if I am a spoiled brat. Dad if you are still alive you will do the same thing before, you gave all the things that I ask, I know that you sent me in a Catholic school to at least lessen my bad character and I thank you for that dad. I never realized how important to you in my life, now, that your gone I regret the day that I never value the things you impart to me.

Dad I missed you so much, never a day that I forget you, the one who had nurtured me and tried to show me right from wrong. I miss calling my daddy when I needed help and someone to talk to, please God give us a chance to talk to my dad even in just a dream. Angels

Almighty God, my Eternal Father,
from the fullness of my soul I adore You.
I am deeply grateful that You have made me
in Your image and likeness,
and that You ever hold me in Your loving embrace.
Direct me to love You with all my heart,
with all my soul,
and with my whole mind.
Direct me to love all Your
children as I love myself.
O, my Father, my
soul longs to be united to You,
and to rest in You forever.
Have the
Holy Spirit touch my soul
so that I may love You as He does,
and as Your Beloved Son
Jesus does.


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