Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SA letrang I para sa ABRIL

IG-AGAW uban sa kinasal

Og kani pina ka importante sa kinabuhi sa dalaga ang maminyo,,, finally ako manang naminyo ra jud ...........................Inig human sa ceremonias naa man jud nay pa hulagway mao ni mga Ig-agaw kuyog ang bago kinasal

Sa letrang I, nag lagot jud ko sa mga Iro namo oi dili jud mogawas sa amo balay, cge sulod gawas sa amo balay,, lami kay ni ibaligya, dili lang na mao ang amo mga iro daghan pa jud kaayo,, naa nasad nanganak na itoy kaso dili nako ma picturan kay naa sa ilalom sa sakyanan hehhhehe...

Sa letrang I-----IRO
Nakita sad sa ko utol ang ilaga sa amo garahian dako dako sad baya,,,mao nag butang nasad mi hilo sa ilaga para di managhan kahadlok nalang jud..


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bisdak Entry ABRIL

Next letter mao ang letrang R for Resibo og R for RESITA

Nalingaw jud ko ani naka hinumdum ko naa d i pa contest ang Bisdakplanet, mokuha hulagway sa word na ABRIL...Kani Lingaw sa letrang A....Anirola hehhehe.,,,,

Mga Higala mao kini ang Entry sa Bisdakplanet na pa contest....Ang Letra "B" Banig....Bililhon kay ni na hulagway kay gamay pako naa nani na banig hehehhe

Monday, April 13, 2009

Irritating Pimples and Scars

Grr, it is so intimidating having this freaking acne pimples and oily face,,,,,since I was in High School or I remember college years I have this acne pimples and I have extreme oily face......This makes me awkward to mingle with my friends,,and gets easily insecure hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,....When I was about 22 yrs.old, my best friend Norpinang Noor encourage me to visit a derma so that my scars and pimple be removed... I tried many regimens on my face, name the product maybe I tried it...I spent thousands just to eliminate my pimples. After we visited a derma, I tried to consult a dermatologist and I was told to undergo acne surgery and its really painful really,as in very very paiful I have a teary eyes everytime my pimples will be freak and and its like there was a needle pushing into it,owhhh...I have 10 sessions cost 1,5oophp per session in a week, since I have no pimples then after 6 session my dermatologist suggest to stop and rest in a week, for the preparation of my Diamond Peel. Diamon Peel is like scrubing your face with sharp and rough like grinder. Again, my derma told me that I should finished the 10 sessions and cost 1,500ph.Oh,, I really suffer pain not only on my face but also a pain on my penny/wallet hehehe...But, then on,, AFter 10 sessions, again here it goes,,bumalik na naman,...

The reason why the pimples come and go because I have polycystic ovaries, and endometrios...Now I am taking Gracial Pills to regulate my hormones and it is anti-acne....I also take aldactone to control my hair growth in my body,, thanks God the medication is getting well...And my Ob-Gyne notice that my acne starts to Vanish...I really pray to God that what ever I feel now it will heal, because God loves me...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

A gift given by a very special Love

A Treasure

On my journey I always look for something new

A new thing that makes me happy

Sometimes I felt depressed because I found nothing

And turn myself into hopeless

As I kept moving on

I never think to turn back

Nor to quit

Although I knew I’m become weak

I never thought that on the next bend of the road

If found a treasure

A treasure that is so hard to reach

A treasure that I need to get and to be keep

I know it’s not easy to be there

I know that treasure it’s so hard to reach

I know ill take a lot of steps before I get it

I know it won’t be easy for me

But I need too

For all I know even I couldn’t get it

Even I know I can’t touch it

But I need to keep it on my mind

That treasure is price less

Not expensive like gold bars

But I need to keep it for the reason

That treasure is important for me

As a person

That’s why I will be keeping you forever

Because you are the greatest treasure I ever had.

I love you my…

Ang Binignit og Suman/Biko


Ngano daw pag Holy Week ang kasagaran lutoon Binignit daw or Biko? Ngano kaha sad nO? Kay sa bata pako mao na jud na ako na mat-an na ako mga ante, mga silingan, mga ka ila binignit jud ang lutoon? Lami pud baya no? tungod ba kay panagsa lang nato na lutoon? Kamo ngano kaha no Binignit man I prepare sa Holy Week aside sa mo penetensya og mag simba?

Unsaon pag luto sa BInignit? Dia ang mga sangkap og pamaagi unsaon pagluto.

1 pc white gabi (substitute cassava if available), cubed
1/2 cup sugar
2 pcs yellow camote (sweet potatoes), cubed
1/2 tsp salt
1 pc ubi (no substitute), cubed
4 tbsps landang or tapioca
4 pcs ripe cardaba (or semi-ripe plantain), sliced
2 cups coconut milk
1 cup coconut milk, diluted with water
1) Cook gabi, camote, ubi, and cardabang saging (or plantain bananas) in diluted coconut milk.

2) Add sugar, salt, and landang (or tapioca).

3) Simmer until all ingredients are tender and mixture is thick.

4) Add 2 cups coconut milk. Cook in medium heat.

5) Do not boil or liquid will curdle. Adjust amount of coconut milk to your available ingredients.

6) Serve hot.

A poem written by me

Stranger Shadow makes me a woman

I walk up in a nice dream

Wandering to another place

This place makes me lively

I never dreamt that one day

When I walk alone in a long and winding road

To seek my destiny

Destiny that completes me

And revive my sleeping affection

My life is better now when I saw a shadow

This shadow makes me gaze and makes me gay

My life is much better than today

And complete my day

Stranger shadow whipping me with such a sweet sound to my ear

I was confused until I saw this shadow

I feel like the shadow lifted me up high from the ground

I have not noticed that this shadow seem so ordinary before

But now I realized that this shadow makes me a woman

Oh, should I thank you?

You lifted me up when I am so wary and worry

I finally found that this stranger shadow is my angel

Angel that guarded me through thick and thin

And comforted me when I am in pain

To you my stranger shadow you make me a woman

Thank you Dear Shadow

Analyn C. Aquino

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Finally I can rest

Today marks a very significant event because its my first time to witness the Closing exercises. My first time to be a part on the teaching force. It's our 52nd Closing Exercises, the theme is "My Education: My contribution to the future". The parents were very happy because finally they harvested the fruit of their labor which is their children. I have so many things that I realized, teachers are well-rounded and talented, imagine from Grades I to Grades V every section has a presentation which is a very successful one. Excellent performance for the teachers and for the students. To the graduates and Honors Congratulations.....Till here ,,, I am very tired ............Thanks God.....