Thursday, April 09, 2009

A poem written by me

Stranger Shadow makes me a woman

I walk up in a nice dream

Wandering to another place

This place makes me lively

I never dreamt that one day

When I walk alone in a long and winding road

To seek my destiny

Destiny that completes me

And revive my sleeping affection

My life is better now when I saw a shadow

This shadow makes me gaze and makes me gay

My life is much better than today

And complete my day

Stranger shadow whipping me with such a sweet sound to my ear

I was confused until I saw this shadow

I feel like the shadow lifted me up high from the ground

I have not noticed that this shadow seem so ordinary before

But now I realized that this shadow makes me a woman

Oh, should I thank you?

You lifted me up when I am so wary and worry

I finally found that this stranger shadow is my angel

Angel that guarded me through thick and thin

And comforted me when I am in pain

To you my stranger shadow you make me a woman

Thank you Dear Shadow

Analyn C. Aquino

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