Thursday, April 09, 2009

A gift given by a very special Love

A Treasure

On my journey I always look for something new

A new thing that makes me happy

Sometimes I felt depressed because I found nothing

And turn myself into hopeless

As I kept moving on

I never think to turn back

Nor to quit

Although I knew I’m become weak

I never thought that on the next bend of the road

If found a treasure

A treasure that is so hard to reach

A treasure that I need to get and to be keep

I know it’s not easy to be there

I know that treasure it’s so hard to reach

I know ill take a lot of steps before I get it

I know it won’t be easy for me

But I need too

For all I know even I couldn’t get it

Even I know I can’t touch it

But I need to keep it on my mind

That treasure is price less

Not expensive like gold bars

But I need to keep it for the reason

That treasure is important for me

As a person

That’s why I will be keeping you forever

Because you are the greatest treasure I ever had.

I love you my…

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