Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What is the best medium of instruction English or Filipino?

In our school we are told to use English as our medium of instruction. Just this evening a friend of mine in DALNET DAVAO.Elmer asked me one question if what medium of instruction do we use in school, I told him that we were instructed to use English as our medium of instruction because some students do not know how to speak English, though Filipino will always remain as the primary language of teaching.

We focused on the usage of English at least our students can interact globally. Since English is a universal language. In order to have a globally competitive learner, teachers should practice English as medium of instruction. If we want the Philippines to shine globally in these fields, we have to accept the fact that the world speaks in English, and not in Tagalog, or in Filipino for that matter

Learning English will give more opportunities to utter our hopes and dreams to the world and give us a fighting possibility to reach them. For me, it is not necessary to be good in English but the most essential thing is how the student learn to comprehend because that is the most problem arise during my period of teaching, students learn how to read the English word but they don't know how to comprehend. That is why constant practice by speaking in English there is a possibility that the students can really interact or comprehend.

Though it is true that learning in the vernacular language will make learning easier.

What is the best medium of instruction to you English or Filipino?

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