Monday, October 13, 2008

9,000 Thousand Salary Increase for TEachers

Public teachers are asking for a salary increase. As we all know that teaching is the noblest profession among all professions. Imagine without us there are no doctors, no engineers, no nurses and etc. But I think we are the most abuse employee in the government why? Our salary doesn’t compensate. According to PGMA DepEd are the biggest budgets of all Departments. Now the question, where is it now? Look at public schoolw now there are no books, congested rooms, very poor in terms of environment. What can people expect a quality education?

Our Superintendent informed us that there will be an increase of 9,000 pesos, this is probably on October this year, but until now I never heard PGMA declares it. When I heard the news in (ABS-CBN) it is still on its 2nd reading on the Senate, OHhhhh where they can get the money? Or maybe this is just a diversion because of the fast approaching elections.

There is tittle-tattle that 9,000 is the increase of salary, if that’s the thing, probably teachers are eager to teach well because they are motivated to teach. But I believe teachers are versatile, resourceful, maybe the reasons for those lazy teachers maybe they are dismayed of the government performance.

I strongly agree that there are lapses on the part of the government they did not take it to consideration that teaching profession is a very crucial, critical, and vague in terms of molding learners. It is so blatant that teachers are neglected in terms of salary increase where in fact we are the molder of the youth.

Well, it is like a song that we are waiting for the government to give us justice in terms of salary. You can sing this song if you know it hehehe “ Here we sit like birds in a wilderness, birds in a wilderness, birds in a wilderness. Waiting for the others to come..?”

But I am hoping and praying that the increase of salary for teacher will be approved.


  1. I would just like to ask if the requested 9,000 increase will be added to the 10,000 current salary?tnx for the reply.

  2. mharms halo according to our Superintendent the 9,000 will be given within 3 years, 3k for this year , 3 k for the next yr and 3k for 2010 and according to her it will not be added to our basic monthly salary ,I think it will be added to our Allowance.HOw I wish this is really true hihhihihi

  3. mharms the salary for the newly hired teachers is actually 12,996 I think.

  4. Ay ganun??? As in hati2? Ngek!
    Oopps! sorry about the salary kasi dinig ko nung nasa province ako eh. So sa newly hired pala yang rate na iyan...Well, sana magkatotoo yan bcoz teachers really need an increase.