Wednesday, October 01, 2008

How do you feel when your boyfriend forgot your 3 yr anniversary?

How do you feel when your boyfriend forgot your 3 year anniversary? I've heard about this issue, when your boyfriend forgot your anniversary he'll be sorry because for me this is the most event that happen in your relationship. Perhaps there are so many things to consider why your boyfriend forgot your anniversary.However, this consideration is not an excuse to neglect your girlfriend.Women are very soft hearted we never ask to treat us in an expensive place, or expecting an expensive present,all we need is just a simple greetings and I think this makes us satisfied.
This is address to all men, why are some men can't remember their anniversary date?Can you give any comments about this? We thought men would remember the anniversary but h men didn't,why guys r like that??they just think about work and others,when they know the girl loves him as a crazy,and they are so caring until the girls accepts the proposal, why so?or Guys don't place significance in symbolism.
On my part, I feel devastating when my boyfriend forgot my anniversary. It is like ,when he remembers your anniversary meaning he loves you and never a moment that you set aside everything, even in his mind he thinks of you. If he forgot your anniversary meaning he never thinks of you, simple as that. If your boyfriend really takes care of you, then why he cant even remember your most memorable day.


  1. i have read a magazine before that says, most men are not good in multi-tasking because of the anatomical structure in their brain of some sort (kinda forgot the name). So if they are preoccupied with for example, work, that is why they will forget about almost anything and that includes anniversaries. On the other hand, women are good at multi-tasking and we can deal with stuffs all at the same time. :p talk to him and express him how u feel and u should give him an organizer as a gift. Hehe.. God Bless my dear.

  2. heheheh, I should give him a huge alarm clock to remind him always.

  3. kung imo uyab nakalimuta sa inyo anniversary, you should ask,, basin nalimtam tungod sa mga rason na siya ray nasayod...hihihhi,analyn imo mga topic kay bulag, nalimtan, na ay lain, naa say kataw anan, naa sad drama, naa sa politics,,lingaw sad basahon