Friday, November 28, 2008

My Condolence to the family of Tito Jun


Tonight a friend of mine sent an offline message that Tito June died last Monday in Dubai. It is really a bad news to us with Beverly. God, it is really painful to hear that that nice and generous man passed away. It was just 7 months ago that we stayed in their flat and he is really a nice man and he was like a father to us with Beverly and even to the boarders. Tito Jun and Tita Porie treated us nicely as if we were their real children. Thank you Tito Jun for coming into our lives, you really served as an inspiration to us. Thank you for the nice treat, for driving for us and guiding us when we were in Dubai. We will miss you Tito Jun.

Dear God,
Please let Tito Jun enter in your Kingdom
Forgive Tito Jun for his sins.
Make him happy beside you.

Lord please take care of Tito Jun
and let him introduce to my father
I am sure my father will be happy
seeing the man that help us
when we were in Dubai.

Lord let Tita Porie enlighten
and give her full strength to carry the trials
Please take care of her and give her enough strength
to accept all that she encounters
Lord give her good health and and a courage to
take care of their children.

Lord please help the children of Tito to heal the pain
that they suffer now
Touch their heart and make them calm
Give her hope to stand again and face a new life

All these we ask in Jesus name we Pray

To all readers please let us offer a prayer to Tito Jun.

Thank You and Godbless


  1. whew! a lot of heavy news. and im just talking about your homepage. :) hello. :)