Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Last Saturday morning a friend and a co-member from bisdakplanet named Choco called me and informing that she already sent the money to moneygram and we also talked about the said gift to be given to our school. So, I immediately prepared myself to get the money so that I can buy the gift for our most indigent students and I was very excited. I went to One Network Bank to get the money, but the teller informed me that the secret code was incorrect. So I immediately went home to emailed Bisdak foundation about the wrong code. I waited for the reply,so last Monday when I opened my email the correct code was there. Since I was quite busy that time because it was A feast day of Immaculate Conception, I decided to get the money on the next day that was Tuesday or shall I say Yesterday, I went to RD Pawnshop to claim again the said amount,finally the secret code was accepted. So I went immediately to Davao City to bought the school supplies for the Paskong Handog from Bisdakplanet. I roamed around to canvass the most cheapest items. I went to Uyanguren, SanPedro but I have not seen wholesale products,so I decided to rode a taxi to go back to Uyanguren and buy the item in NCCC. On the taxi upon going to Uyanguren, I asked the the taxi Driver where can I found the wholesale/ retail for school supplies, so he answered that he knew where to buy the said items, I was so happy. He dropped me in Davao Unified Corp and finally I saw plenty of school supplies. These are the following school supplies that I bought.

Mao kini ang mga supplies na ako gipamalit

di a pa oh
Mao ni nga tindahan nga ako gipalitan

Teller sa RD Pawnshop nag lista sa i release na kwarta

form na ako gi fill out

21 dozens Mongol 2 Pencil
300 pcs plastic transparent envelop
6 doz paste Lion small
4 boxes uni ballpen black color
1 box ballpen color blue
200 pcs eraser
100 apple intermediate paper for Grades V & VI
50 pads fiesta paper for Grades I
50 pads fiesta paper for Grades II
50 pads fiesta paper for Grades III
50 pads fiesta paper for Grades IV
100 sets articulate crayons #8
10 pcs sticker oranges
50 pcs ruler
15 diarynotebook
1 pc photopaper

The receipt will be emailed to the bisdak foundation.

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