Friday, December 19, 2008

If you were a judge

I would like to share to you what will be your comment if you will know that your superior is one of the contender in one activity like public speaking?

If you were the superior and your employees were having a competition like public speaking, will you allow yourself to join on the said competition? If you were one of the judges what will you do?Take note,you were not one of the employees of this agency.You were just requested to judge the said contest. Is it necessary that the boss will join the said contest? Why not leave the contest to those employees? Of course your the boss it is expected that your more that goodenough than them.

At the end, the result was already computed and it was found out that the boss was the winner.What would we expect,of course shes the superior among her colleagues,why not give the chance to those employees with lower than her rank so that she may able to atleast evaluate how far is the exposure of her employees right? The tendency is that, her employee were not given a chance to atleast get the first prize.Well, maybe it was just for fun, but,for me,it's not that

Well, this is just my observation, for me, it should not be,superior is always a superior.She has a discretion and she has all the powers to decide. It is better that she will observe and listen to her employees performance...Hay,,,,,,it is a sadden experience that I encounter..hahhaha wala lang gud nag drama lang ko