Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Women Really Want?

Are you fed up with people asking when you’re going to get married?So then why do women get married? Certainly not for the money. Some women married out of loneliness?Are you agree with that?hmmm or you're ready to get married but he Isn't. There are lots of reasons why women want to get married before women reach the age of 30.Here is something about the number 30 that strikes fear into any woman hoping to get married and have children .Many women want to get married sooner or later, however, they want to marry the man of their dreams, soul mate, or Mr. Prince Charming.Getting married is a special, exciting, and busy time that most women dream of. When I am having my daily routine which is surfing to the net. I found this article that really suited for my new post. Read below..

According to Donny Deutsch on the Today Show this morning, women do not want the same thing as men sexually.

Find out more about what women really want:

  • Do women really want cuddling or intercourse?
  • Is the man women have ended up with, the best sex they have had?
  • What is more important for women, friendship or sex?
  • Do women settle or are they with the man of their dreams?
  • What percentage of women are happy in their relationship or marriage?

According to the survey, what type of physical interaction do women really want, cuddling or intercourse? The survey indicated that 47% wanted cuddling; whereas only 25% wanted intercourse, not indicating what the other 28% reported.

One interviewee probably said it best, "They are not separate." In other words, cuddling and intercourse are both good but not as effective in isolation.

What about this one? Is the man that women have ended up with, the best sex they have had? According to the survey, 68% of the women reported yes.

What is more important to women, friendship or sex?

  • Friendship 56%
  • Sex 1%
  • Equally 42%

Here is the million dollar question. Do women settle or do they believe they have found the man of their dreams?

  • Yes 67%
  • No 19%
  • Not sure 14%

What percentage of women are happy in their marriage or relationship? Surprisingly 91% said they were happy which contradicts most statistics that indicates that less than half of marriages report satisfaction. Not sure if the high statistics are influenced by those in relationships and not married.

What do you think? Do women (or men) settle or is it possible to find the lover of your dreams? Are you happy in your marriage or relationship?

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