Friday, May 02, 2008


Today I am very tired,so many reports to finish...The whole day I keep on waiting to HRIS Database to run, but unfortunately nothings happen, our MIS Coordinator tried to fix it but still the HRIS is not running. I am very worried on our reports to be submitted on the 10th day of April to GSIS. This ARA or Agency Remittance Advice gets me sick, it needs to use the DataBase especially the newly hired employee. I am more concern on the part of the teachers because this report serves their key to avail any benefits in GSIS. I already informed our MIS manager to use the Excel format especially the service records of the teacher so that we may able to submit the reports on or before the deadline. Hope that this HRIS will work properly, so that we may able to serve the best quality service in our office and to fast tract the services needed.

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