Sunday, May 04, 2008


Blogging was quite not interesting for me before, but as I visit the blogs of my friends I was impress and challenge to make my own blog. My friends told me that they can earned money while blogging, some say its just a leisure time to release stress its like a diary as what they said. Yea, its true that it is easy to earn money in blogging but earning money was not actually my priorities as of this moment.Because of the so called "moody character" thats why I am afraid I cant do it as soon they send me the products to promote.I am happy writing my biography in life than promoting or advertising some products though I can do it. I am just happy reading other blogs,getting some informations to other bloggers, get acquainted to other bloggers.

If in case i will be joining into the world of pay per post blogging, it is my pleasure that I maybe able to work with them who ever they are hihihihihi.... If incase also I got paid for the advertisement I will treat myself in a restaurant hihihiih////....

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