Sunday, May 04, 2008


When I was in Dubai my aunt Claudia and uncle Leo invited us for a dinner in Deira, Dubai. That was the first time that we eat in chinese restaurant "Xiao Wei Yang" restaurant. I and my friend beverly were very astounded of what we eat, we dont know what was the taste, the sauce was not actually delicious for us, maybe we were just ignorant at that time, we kept asking our aunt how to eat the fresh meats and veges hahhahaha,how to mix the sauce hhahahha, we were hungry that time so we have no choice, we need to eat that so called chinese food hhahahha. My friend beverly was immediately went to the rest room and vomit hahhahhaa. Basta iba talaga ang lasa.. I cannot forget that moment and I am so thankful that atleast we may able to experience to eat in a chinese restaurant. There was actually a big bowl in the center and it was like a kettle when you switch on, the bowl with water and other sauce will boil. You can start putting your meat vegestable, noodles, and other food put it all and you can start eating hihihihi...basta its really hard to explain hihihih.

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