Tuesday, May 06, 2008


This morning I was so late came in the office, I was there at 9:30am, actually I txt our HRMO Engr. Eric S. Valencia that I will be absent today due to my fever..A night before I was very hot, my back was so painful or let me say that my body was so painful.I even told my mom that I need to rest. But, what happened was I decided to went to the office.I was thinking of my reports I need to finish the ARA to be submitted in the GSIS. I was a bit shy because I was late hihihih. wew.

Somebody in the office gave a a jollibee burge and frenchfries yummy..... hihih ....At 3::pm we had a adance practice for the testimonial of our superintendent Juan E. Taloma, CESOV....

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