Monday, May 19, 2008


Yesterday, I was so tired, doing household chores. Whole day I kept on walking, roaming around the house. Wew, I was not able to browsed to the net. Last night I found out that our net connection in the house was disconnected and I don't know the reason why it was lost. So I early went to my bedroom and decided to slept early but unfortunately my anxiety hits me I immediately text my dada telling negative thoughts, worries and I started to pity myself. Hahay, this anxiety hits me most often and I hate it huhuuhuh... I don't what am I supposed to do.Do I need to see a psychiatrist or psychologist for this?I don't want to feel this anymore this anxiety makes me sick huhuhuuhu.Until now I cannot control my emotions. hhuhuhuhu I work in the office feeling high.

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