Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wow I won

Just tonight when I opened my email I saw the message of Ms. Gengen that I won the contest which she was initiated last month on Spread the love giveaway..Here's the message :You are the winners of my Spread the love giveaway. Please go to the sponsors for your prizes. If you have problems please let me know. CONGRATULATIONS! I am very happy to know that atleast I got my reward having an internet addict lol....The proof that I really won .

10TH Prize: 5,000 EC - Winner - Minds are like parachutes

1000 EC - Programming The Life
1000 EC - Guilty Pleasures
1000 EC - My Point Of View
1000 EC - Ivory Tasks
500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - Shopping
500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - iLUVcontest
125x125 ad worth $15 1 month - Blazing Minds
* Work At Home Job


  1. this Lion^Heart from dalnet digos!!! hello my fwen how are you?? its been along time that we havent talk i thought you forget me already but thnx God you stil remember me ..of course dear i remember you either,,,our friendship started in dalnet till now its the same your the best my friend....thnx for inviting me here at your blog..nice and cute place....ummmmm take care!!!

  2. Hi analyn. Your blogspot is impressive. Ang dami mo nang nasulat. Daghan pa jud pictures. Kuyawa jud nimo uy. (Ako, naglisod pa gani unsaon pagcomment. Maayo na lang my daughter is here to tutor me coz I told her, it's now or never kay deadline na sa submission sa among blog account karon. Da, nakabangon lagi siya ug ahat. Or else, walay kay baon for the whole month!!! hehehe ) And to think, you claim that you are sooo busy. That tells me that in spite of your very hectic schedule, you are still able to manage your time and even found time for one of the most gratifying feeling of all.... being in love. Keep it up dear. Keep those juices flowing!