Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Moles' in Women's Face

I found this very intereste Moles reading. You may visit this site Moles Womens face I share this to you, but this reading is not actually the real scenario that will happen in your life. God is the

only supreme being, knows
about what will happen to us. Enjoy searching the meaning..Goodluck!

1 Uncontrollable sexual lust

2 Bad luck to sister-in-laws

3 Bad luck to parents

4 Lack of assistance

5 Multiple marriagies

6 Bad luck to family

7 Bad luck to husband

8 Indulge in sexual lust

9 Prone to have trouble during childbirth

10 Prone to accident when traveling

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11 Happy marriage

12 Be guest

13 Luck

14 Fortune

15 Happy marriage

16 Respect and nobility

17 Indulge in sexual lust

18 Prone to be harmed

19 Good luck to your husband

20 Secure and stable life

21 Great wealth

22 Good luck to your husband

23 Misfortune

24 Blessing

25 Prone to accident with water

26 Good luck to junior female family members

27 Good luck to children

28 Good luck to husband's career

29 Prone to lose husband

30 Bad luck to husband

31 Good luck

32 Tears of sadness

33 Bad luck to children

34 Misfortune

35 Bad luck to husband

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36 Prone to fire accident

37 Less furtile

38 Indulgy in sexual lust

39 Prone to gossip

40 Prone to be robbed

41 Longevity

42 Prone to self-harm

43 Prone to jealouse

44 Prone to accident with water

45 Low self-esteem

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46 Bad luck to husband

47 Prone to give birth to twins

48 Low self-esteem

49 Prone to lose children

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50 Prone to argument

51 Bad luck to husband

52 Longevity

53 Back luck to subordinates

54 Prone to accident with water

55 Lack of assets

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56 Enjoyment of food

57 High intelligence

58 Rich assets

59 Prone to accident with water

60 Ill health

61 Short of money

62 Secure and abundant life

63 Filial piety

64 High intelligence

65 Good husband

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