Saturday, March 14, 2009

Its vacation time

Sa wakas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Heryeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh,, HUrray,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,God is so good lauging out loud.....bwahhahahahahaaaaaaa..... Wow its March already and its time to make all the reports, computing grades and conducting final exam.............Our Closing ceremony is fast approaching and it will be on April 2, 2009. No more noisy, lazy pasaway students...... My mind can rest soon. Wew., taking care of 40 students is not easy. I should be the molder to them especially when they needed an attention,well, I cannot deny the fact that most of my students are indigenous. I experienced that my student will ask and borrow one (1.00) peso to buy food during recess time.Isn't it so touching? What I did, everytime I receive my salary I buy food for them "di sad mahal ha". When I see them very pale my heart bleeds really. I can feel their emptiness...I admit when I was young I was very so lucky, what I want I get. I eat on time...Its really hard to become a teacher like me.

Though I am happy because we have 2 months vacation, truly I will miss them especially it's my first year of teaching....Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!I survived...Thanks God...........

This vacation I am planning to have a business atleast I have some extra money.......To all readers, I need decent part-time job just contact me here..Thank You...

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