Monday, March 02, 2009

I have endometriosis and PCO

Since from the start I already knew that I have this so called PCO Polycystic Ovarians..I have my treatment when I was around 20' because I just thought that without menstruation for almost 6 months or 4 months is alright. But when I came to visit my dermatologist she asked me if I had an obgyne doctor which I dont have yet..My derma told me that I have symptoms for polycystic ovaries. I was quite nervous, so, I told mom about it and we went to an obgyne.. I undergo trans rectal meaning and ultrasound which we found out that I have multiple polycystics both ovaries which it cannot be operated or undergo surgery.The doctor said that I should take metformin and minulet pills. For 3 months taking my medicine I never came back to my ob because I felt I am not comftable with her. For a long time, without taking care of my illness, it was came to a point I dont have my menstruation 4 months since last november I am quite bother because of my age, I am not getting any younger and I am quite nervous because I want to have babies soon.

Just this February 24, I visited my obgyne because I felt pain already in body I don't know, it was found out that I have a ENDUMETRIOSIS aside from the polycystics ovaries, I need to have another Transrectal wohoooo so painful....tsk tsktsk............But my two doctors promise that since it just a small sign of endumetriosis it is not necessary to undergo surgery...

In the meantime my ob gave me a pain reliever because the first step to do is to treat my polycystic before we treated the endumetriosis...My doctors gave me this following medicines..

1. Gracial pills for 3 months
2. Metformin 500 mg
3. Spironolactone/aldactone 50mg

I just hope that GOd will guide me always, everything will be ok.......

Please pray for me....

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