Saturday, May 30, 2009

fever and cough attacks us

Wew, lately I feel I was not lucky enough to face the world,,,,my mom got sick she had fever and cough and her blood pressure was so high 200/120 hays........My my brother who has a rheumatic heart disease had also a cough and extreme fever which we panic because we all know that his situation now is so sensitive we should give him a super super extra care, even before he was advised to undergo an open heart surgery but because we don't have enough courage to face the reality and we don't know the percetage we are going to risk his life even the doctors don't know how many percent he will survive....Secondly, we don't have millions to pursue the open heart surgery of my brothers, We just hope and pray that God will give him long life and happiness...After our family doctor give us a referral too bring my brother to the DMC since his history of illness was monitored by Davao Medical Center Doctors. We brought our brother and he had an Xray to ensure that there is no water on his lungs in Gods blessings he is OK now, as well my mother. BUt, unfortunately this ailments attacks in my family after which my sister has suffering from boils which causes her to high fever but since we can't monitor her because she has her own family. We sometimes feel sorry for not giving much attention to her hayzzzzzzzzzzz.....Problem problem go away and never come back again....And just last night my niece has suffering high fever, he vomits now and then, that's why we hurriedly brought him to our family doctors haysssssssssss money money money its not easy to find money.....I just hope that God will guide us always...Please include us also in your prayer for our fast recovery...I love you all..How wish I had enough money to help my mother who also a father to us since we were young................

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