Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Welcome July

OWHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....I did not write an article for the month of June,,,tsk tsk tsk, it was just I don't like to write,,,hayyyy....I was just lazy last month....I felt so very tired.. I don't understand hehehe...but...I was online last month but just dont like to visit my blog....Anyways, last June I had my ultrasound and it was stated on the result that my left ovary is clear already no signs of cycstics,only the right ovary has cycstic but I know 3 months from now,Gods blessing my right ovary will be healed ......Hays ,, I hope so., so that my endometriosis will be treated soon,,, as in this is very annoying especially during on or before my mestruation.... So much for that, last June 1 was our first day of school it was so so shocking because my students reached to 43 gushhhhh,,,this makes me tired everyday, but it was fun.. June 28 was the opening of my Graduates School classes...... I was so very shy and nervous because I cant imagine that my teacher in high school is my classmate in Ed.d.. I am not that confident to face my classmates because I was just a simple teacher whereas my classmates are in their highest position...huhuuhuhu.....As my classmate says " My English is only for Grade Six"" hehheheh pano na ako? hehehhe...Bahala na,,, come what may...This is just another challenge on my part... AJA Analyn hehhe

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