Saturday, July 11, 2009

About my Report on ED.401

Good day fellow blogger.. How are you all? Lately I've been very busy with my career heheheheh... I've realized that teaching is fun, I like to teach, but I hate to make my lesson plan,but,,,I have my prototype lesson plan. On the other hand, my class is also fun, Dr. Guhao is very intelligent and can manange his class harmoniously. My classmates too are very articulate in giving the reports . During my report I felt so nervous and every single cell in my body is chilling harharhar..But anyway, I will share to you my report, it is about motivation and leaderships and it is presented by a powerpoint.I also discuss about the theory of motivation such as Heirchy of need by Abraham Maslow, ERG theory developed by Clayton Alderfer, Acquired needs theory,developed by DAvid McClelland, theory X ans Y by Douglas McGregor. I started my report at exactly 3:30 and we only given 15 minutes to deliberate it. With me is Mrs. Milagrosa of City High , she is very intelligent too.. Thanks God, finally we have done our report successfully.Slide 6

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