Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Celebration of United Nation with the theme: Voices for Human Rights




October 23, 2009

Hundreds of students joined the United Nations Day Celebration of Glicerio L. Dondoy Central Elementary School last Friday, October 23, 2009. Parents and visitors were their to witness the momentous event of the Search for Mr. and Ms. United Nation. Every time we celebrate we have fond memories to speak out, educational, entertaining, engaging and meaningful activities. Students may come from different cultural backgrounds and traditions but they are unified in promoting peace and celebrating their cultural differences in their multi-cultural schools.

The program started with flag ceremony and a parade of national flags with their national costumes involving all GLDCES students from preschool to Grade VI and accompanied by the drum and bugle corps. After the parade, the Search for Mr. and Ms. United Nation started with an invocation performed by selected candidates in different nations with the song “You raised me UP”.

This year’s theme was “Voices for Human Rights. GLDCES District Coordinating Principal at the same time Principal II gave her inspirational message stated that the celebrations renewed their pledge to sustain peace and harmony while preserve their cultural heritage. She emphasized the rights of every child. The values of every Filipino remain and let the students to be respectful, informed and appreciative of the different cultures and traditions through the world. According to her, living in our country is an obvious way to help broaden our minds and experiences. Being at a school with so much diversity provides all of us with an even richer experience while performing the best in our abilities. The message of our District Coordinating Principal makes us proud how Filipinos are and the hopes of every nation is to live peacefully and build a camaraderie, explore, expose and express of what is the right of every nation. Hence, help remind all of us that our support has the power to shape young lives and build bright futures.

The highlight of the celebration was the modeling of candidates of every grade level they were very eager and excited to ramp in the stage and perform their best to win the pageant. The pageants started with sports attire, followed by the national costume. The panel of judges decided to chose the best in sports, best in modeling and best in national costume in every grade level.

We are also grateful that our Division Supervisors Mrs. Marissa Jayoma, Dr. Catherine Villaflores and PTA President Hon.James Darunday at the same time barangay councilor were their to witness the said event. .

The program will not be completed without closing it. The Hekasi Coordinator Ms. Analyn C. Aquino expresses her heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the sponsors who in one way or the other supported the said event.

The winners were awarded with trophies and candies from different Donors.

We would like to thanks also to the generous donors, teachers, students and parents who assisted on the preparation of this activity.

The activity has also raised fund for the purchase of GLDCES chairs and for the renovation of Values Park. Thanks God for the success of the activity

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