Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome November

I come to realize now how life is beautiful although there are times we are encountering different trials but still we can move on. I just realize that every problem there is a solution even though how hard or painful it is but still we can able to stand and start all over. Am I right?I would like to ask you what is important in life? There are ups and down in our lives, sometime we feel so neglected and aloof, sometimes we feel so hopeless and unhappy, in short mix emotions. What makes you happy in your life? Personally, I am happy if maybe I will be given a chance to prove to myself that I can make my own decision and have freedom to do anything. Perhaps life is so unfair as you can see there are still people who are unemployed, there are people suffering from hunger and most common of all killing of individual.Killing is so rampant now and even prostitution increases.Is this life we can offer to God? I know everything we do is in accordance to the will of God.He let us realize how life could be without Faith right? We cannot feel the true essence of happiness and contentment in life.Enough for that heheheh,last November 1 to 3 I was so sad because my nephew was sent to the hospital for he was suffering amoeba.We stayed for 3 days and we paid 10,000php. Tama nga talaga ang kasabihan "mahirap magkasakit".We felt bad because we never visited the father's tomb. I am sure dad will understand, right dad? I really miss u dad, Im sure dad you are now peacefully resting and dont be so worried about us we take care of mom, even sometimes we argued and have a lil quarrel hehhehehe..I am sure dad, if you were just here now you will see your children growing beautiful, handsome and most especiall very successful in our profession. You know what dad, I was enrolled this morning and I got my grades. I was very happy I got 1.0 on my advace computer education, 1.3 for the research and unfortunately I got 7.2 in my Adm theory,but dont worry dad we strive hard to have a good grades and in fact this tuesday we will visit 7 public schools in Davao City. I hope everything will be safe and sound. Sorry dad for everything ...I love you dad..

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