Monday, February 18, 2008

Try to find myself

Life is the most precious gift
that God gave to you
Every breath that you take
you owe it from HIM
Life sometimes can be hurtful
sometimes you cannot control
our emotions
that brings us to depressions
Life is a mysteriouss
you are astound of what you feelyou cry
you smile
Life is a game you make a deal or no deal
sometimes take the risk
No matter how life goes on
you will remain strong and have faith on HIM
Life is what you make it
you make our own destiny
whether its bad or good
Hold on what you believe
what is rightand have courage
to fight for it
becauselife is short
Make your Life meaningful
as meaningful as you
Fight whatever circumstances
that you face
No matter how painful it is
Life is the most valuable gift that you receive

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