Monday, February 18, 2008

mY eVEr Strong Friend, fighting for her Trials

mY eVEr Strong Friend, fighting for her Trials
I dedicate this to my special dear friend Sheryll Ann

Tata is a woman of courage
Woman of strenght
Despite of many trials
She must able to standand fight for it

She is not afraid to face it
Shes is not afraid to tell everyone
that she is a practical and a liberated woman

Along the journey
She encountersa typhoon of her life
She is not afraid to give all her
love to someone
She never think that she is hurt
Even her heart bleeds
But Tata has courage to stand up

Despite of her illness
She never get dump nor frustrate
She fight for itShe face it with courage
To You my friend I love u so dearly
I know that you can survive to all
your trials
Have faith in Him I know you'll be fine
I know our friendship last till end

Our memories remain valuable to me
Think that I am here to support youall the way
For richer and for poorer
On the dark side of your life

When pain reflects on your eyes
I know you can move on and replace the painto joy
Have faith in HimGodbless and
Get well soon....

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