Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday is a tiring day

Today is a very tiring day.I keep encoding, updating the records of all teaching and non-teaching personnel. I had no time to relax..How I wish I had companion in encoding and updating.More than 900 teachers and division personnel I will encode everyday. That is why I keep murmuring to myself, this is injustice my boss doesn't realize how tiresome is my work..Can you imagine how plenty is my work, more than 900 personnel, entertain teachers request. Monitors teacher GSIS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth membership. I also prepare Advice Remittance Agency (ARA) in the GSIS.Liaison officer in GSIS, Fund Coordinator in Pag-ibig,submit membership to Philhealth Tagum..How can I have a time to relax? How I wish my boss will see how difficult and tiresome is my work.
Aside from that I also entertain urgent reports from our Administrative Officer. That is why most of the time I keep murmuring, I keep telling that I am tired..Nobody feels my sentiments...They don't even feel how difficult to monitor all the pertinent documents in our office, aside from that our office is not secure to keep all the records. It is an open office where all teachers can get in, get out in the office...
I rate myself today as a very tiring then.. Need to rest...Thank you

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