Monday, February 18, 2008



When I was young I love to collect toys, I feel complete when I see them smiling. Some of my toys are cost an arm and a leg I never regret it. I never not give a hoot what peoples say as long as I am happy. When I wake up everyday I could see in the eyes of my stuff toys smiling, its like their saying taken aback to me. It makes my day happy everyday. Even it is pittance I bought it if I like it. Since I am a nocturnal woman I always play my toys I talk to them and treated like they are my brothers,sisters and friends. Sometimes when I am sad I feel like my toys are crying too. Isn't it weird? Yeah, call whatever you want but this me, I am happy alone with my Poohs.Some of my toys are gargantuan. Some says this is my escape goat to my problem,actually they are partly right.But most of time I feel comfortable with my toys. I will share it to you my toys maybe, we do not know you are also having fun collecting toys. Just keep it and value and treasure them as your family because I am sure if you have an anxiety if you have no one to talk to just go look into your room their are willing to listen to your pain even they cannot talk just to relieve your pain. For me, on my part all my worries and anxiety I shared it to my toys. I feel safe when I talk to my stuff toys.One thing for sure, let yourself free like a bird, fly anywhere just avoid hurting anyones heart.How I wish I am like a birds I can fly high..........

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