Monday, February 18, 2008


Yesterday it was a tiring day, I was so busy doing all the reports to submit it in GSIS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth. Many teachers went to the office to request their service records, memberships and other pertinent documents that they need.One of our supervisors was telling to me that my client was a very close friend of her, she ordered me to entertain her immediately without knowing that I was telling my client to wait for a moment because the in charge of her request was not yet coming. It was disappointed because its like our supervisor telling that I was just sitting in the corner doing nothing,heller all of them were served the best that we can, I was just so upset because why some are abusing their powers to easily order us to make all things possible even it was not our work responsibility.My apology to say this,but this is how I feel..but anyway, my whole day was not actually a bad day for me,I was happy because a friend of mine gave me a huge Pooh..While going to Tagum to submit the remittance from our office there was a certain client whose name is Arden Nicer who paid my bus fare It was my lucky day yesterday I was given a huge Pooh coming from a Director of Registry of deeds his name is Atty. John Paul Devilleres every year he never forget to gave me a Pooh, my favorite stuff toys ever.Even it was raining all my transactions were fortunately successful. Thanks to the Lord He keep me safe always.

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