Monday, February 18, 2008

Stuped in MIRC

The Uglybeast among the REst "stuped"

Let me introduce to you the controversial and public enemy no.1 in davao dalnet...This person is very strict he kicks all those stupid chatters, he hates those lamers. He fondly called uglybeast in his ym. To those who do not know stuped his very loving person, in fact his my master in davao dalnet, my mentor, my idol and all flowering words hhahhaa. Thank You master for being so understanding when I am pasaway and makulit..Hehehe, sometimes I hate this person because he tend to forget that we are actually like sweethearts hhahhaahha atik lang....Please inform those who hated stuped so much tell them that I have a picture on my blogs you can glimpse to him many time until you can memorize his aura hhahhaha,,dili ma memorize jud baya iya face....joke master.In fact, I am so talkative in the chat I sometime made a private message just to make kulit with him and maybe gisabay sabayan nalang ko niya sako mga talks hhahahah..dba Irish master? aminin.... Sometimes I felt that he likes me hahhaha kabaga na jud nako atik lang master,,, by this blogs maka balos na jud ko aning stuped...I make him tamay tamay here so that everybody can comments on my blogs hhahah..To you Irish my master, please remain happy and admiable hhhaha... As I always say I love you master even though I hate you,,mao nay gi ingon the more you hate the more you love hhahaha... A billion thanks master for the advices that you shared God bless..

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