Monday, February 18, 2008

Is Thesis Writing Difficult and Expensive?

Many professionals like me want to enroll in masteral degree. They define it difficult and expensive, some would just nodding their heads and saying "da master master wala japon tay trabaho"..I was so excited when my mom said do you like to enroll masteral? When I heard that, partly I am excited and feeling nervous, because I felt that I can't do it and I find it difficult, yes, you have read it right very difficult.In some reasons I accept the offer of my mom, first, I can escape the household chores, 2Nd to have an allowance even I work already, but I demand it to my mom as an agreement that I would finished the "Masteral course" and lastly, is to find at peace to myself I can date of course,well since Davao is partly away of Panabo City so I enjoyed very much being alone and independent even in just a day. I am always present in the class do some reporting and paper works and other stuff.
When I get into the class and finished the academic requirements I can proudly say that "kaya ko pala" I can do it without any hesitation though there are times that I can feel that my heart is beating very fast because of so many reports and you know its like a college class talking in front of your classmates.During my thesis writing I can feel the stress, I can feel that my flesh is chilling due to nervousness hahahha very funny isn't it? I found it really difficult at first why? First, I need to find a title that is very unique and interesting,,here comes now the title, wew, I am very disappointed because my title was disapproved by my professor. That time I was planning to drop my subject because of the frustrations that I feel but because of the expenses, my conscience bothers me, I am afraid that my mom will get frustrated on me that's why I work it hard, very hard. Finally, my title was approved. So my professor set a date for my title defense, and another heart attack and a nose bleed. Some are asking, is title defense difficult?
Now, I am proud to inform them that it was just like an interview, as long as you know to how defend your title then that's it.And so, I had my adviser,I again set another date for my outline defense, another nosebleed and a little nervous at the same excited because I know already my study. Another students ask me, Is outline defense difficult?. Again, with a smile I am proud to say that the outline defense is not difficult as long as your the one making your thesis then no problem at all, it's just a matter of reporting telling the panelists that this your study.this is bla bla bla and all. Again, I set a date for my final defense yeheeeeyyyyyy, and that was September 15,2007. This is the time that I feel very relax and very excited because finally I made it this far... I text my statiscian and my adviser to help me in my final defense and you know what they said to me " you can do it analyn just master your study and pray". Upon reading it I started to believe in myself that I can do it.. So, finally when I enter the defense room only words that come out to my mouth is I surrender everything to you Lord, please help me. So the panelists quite impress to my study,,ops I am not bragging it ha,, I am just telling the truth hehehhehe..Here comes the interrogation.. .... and the ending the chairman informed me as well as my adviser that I passed the Final defense and I need to make a hard bound copy of my study ...yeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
Again, some are asking is final defense difficult? I tell them that if you have guts, courage and especially patience nothing to worry in you thesis writing.....Now Is Thesis Writing Difficult and Expesive?hmmm.. At first it was difficult but in the long run, actually it was like your making your home delight... Expensive? Yes, it is .. I spent I think more than 60k for the entire study...

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