Monday, February 18, 2008

My new bestfriend "RAYMUND PORASS"

RAYMUND PORRASS is my new special friend. Why he became my bestfriend? hihihih very funny I met him in not so formal place it was an eyeball situation when mirc davao dalnet organized it. Ay he decided to accompany me in DAvao terminal because we went home early..Till he asked my cell number which I immediately gave because the kindness that I have .."pamati jud ko" laughing out loud, He keeps texting me if I got home already...His nice and very gentleman toink "raymund gentleman baka? hhahhaha I dont know. We are still on a stage of getting to know each other in fact we keep in touch through text and chat..Oi to all readers his not courting yet ha hihihih.. Hope our friendship will remain forever. I really cherish our friendship..He actually extend his shoulder just to comfort me when I am sad>paatik atik lang sad ko sad para ma ka lend ko sa iya shoulder hihihih.No kidding I found RAYMUND very nice and very professional to talk with.Thank You Raymund for the friendship that you shared with me I really really appreciated it. This is the first time that I had a friend like you, very sweet.. I am hoping even your very far from me Il be remain loyal and faithful to our friendship.Goodluck to your career in CEBU and hope you will work harder to you studies Ill keep on praying for your success. Godbless Raymund and to your family.

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