Monday, February 18, 2008


Would You Believe?
Travel that has not been expected.....Is it coincidence? Destine? Meant to be?

Would you believe that Beverly and I will be going to Dubai? I told her that Bevz are we destine to each other? I was not expecting that I will be going with her.... Everytime we have an adventure we spend together, we smile together, we shout together. There is always a picture that signifies that we are together in that adventure. Isn't it funny? Even how hard, stiff, dangerous is the place we find time to take pictures for our documentations. Here in the Philippines we shared thoughts, ideas, feeling, money, but now, upon going to Dubai I'm sure that we crry together, we laugh together, we comfort each other ,in short we will treat ourselves as sisters. I am so thankful that she is very nice and friendly to me. I never thought that this would gonna happen to us. Hope that our friendship will last till we get old. Keep dreaming Bevz.

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