Monday, February 18, 2008

Thankful to the Lord

Today is a very shocking day, my sister called me up that my mom was sent to the hospital because of the high blood pressure and had a stroke. Thank God when my mom informed me that shes ok and she was advised to have a bed rest in home. I filed an under time to accompany my mom and I want to see her personally if shes ok. Thank you Lord for taking care of my mom,I know that this is in accordance to your will. I am sorry Lord for neglecting you for quite sometime, I am sorry for the sins that we committed. Please I am begging You Lord don't let those things happen to me, You know what is my fear Lord and that is to lose love ones, It's very hard Lord having no father that will take care for us especially to my mom. Lord, please keep us safe and sound in everything that we do. Give us good health Lord so that we can serve you Lord and we can touch others heart to go back unto You.I love You Father God.

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