Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We consider this as part of the family. When Bevz and I thought that we gonna stay to our aut's house but since we brought to another flat at BIN KHAMIL CENTER we were hesitant to stay because we were afraid that we we might not treated well. It was thankful to the Lord that, He brought us to the house of Tito Jun and Tita Porie and first we were uneasy because we were afraid that we might not able to reach their expectation as part of their borders. But, we were fortunate because we were treated like their daughters. We have board mates where they live at Palma's Flat also. First time we saw them we were afraid maybe we will not met their expectationsto but they well come us with a smile. As you can see at the first pictures the only guy was Tito Jun beside him was Tita Porie they were very nice persons infact they treated us their children, we eat together and take note Tita Porie cooked our food even she had no obligations to us. Sometimes I and Beverly got shy but Tito and Tita told us that treat them as a family. You cannot feel the loneliness in the house because they were there to comfort us. When we were having our interview for work Tito Jun made a map for us and he explained it to us. While Tita Porie was cooking our food. Many moments with them that we will never forget especially the generousity, the kindness and the love that they tender to us. We also met the girls in the house we met Ate Leda, she was also kind and helpful. Sometimes she accompanied us to our interview us our tour guide, she cooked our food too, she always told us "kumain na kayo" that made us flattered. Our unforgetable moments were ate Leda accompany us in our interview at industrial 17 and we got lost heheh and shed said "ano ba tong pinasukan natin, Diyos ko po hehhehe,, and we laugh and Lastly when ate Leda left us in Deira gold souk and we were afraid that she would not come back soon and our stomach were bloating hehehe,...Ate was in wearing color blue t-shirt. We met also May, this woman was very silent type, she talked seldom but shes bubbly.Memorable experienced was were walking for more than 8hrs reason? we had window shop, talking while walking, laughing and we eat at hardees, and we had a photo together.You can see it to the 2nd photo above. She likes a mother to us especially when she got home she spent time to see us if we were sleeping.She keeps telling "tulog na kayo" hihhii. She cant understand bisaya words thats why we made jokes with her...She is also nice, friendly, kind and mostly especially caring.

The last photo was with Yammy, Joy and Tita Porie they treated us to dragon market and went to Dubai Creek.The one wearing white was YAMMY,this woman was very jolly. She keeps smiling everyday. We had a great time with her, she keeps us smile everyday.We never think of loneliness if yammy was around. We brought us to Dubai City Church and attend the fellowship, that was the first time that I attended that kind of religion, it was an awesome invitations.She bought many shawarma and she gave us.Thank you Yammy for the friendship, from the bottom of our heart we treated you like a sister to us. We had plenty of memories with her, we also walked around and eat a lot hehhehe. She loves food hihihhi. Yammy was also there when we were packing our things to go home in fact she accompanied me in City center to buy another bag and she gave me singaporean coins for a token for me. It was a flattering for me. She also accompanied us to the airport hehheeh. Yammy thank a billion thanks for the help you extended to us, for the care, for the love....I love you Yammy. We also met JOY. This woman is a serious but friendly, she keeps telling story that made us laugh, during night when we slept our lullaby was her cellphone with mp3 singing hey laura.....She is also nice and sweet lady. I remember Joy brought us to Mall of Emirates it was a memorable day for us.Thank you Joy that we met you and you treated like a sister to you. One time she accompanied us to change my cellphone that I bought hehehehehe naguba man gud..... We walked on Buheira park and exercise. We have so many experienced with her. Thank you for the Card, it was touching, when we read it on the plane we cried and laugh, we were like crazy that time.hehihihhihi..Thank you for accompanying us in the airport...I have so much to share but one night is not enough.

Staying in Dubai is the most unforgetable experience that I have. I missed Tito Jun, Tita Porie, Ate Leda, Yammy, Joy and May...A billion thanks....Godbless and hope to see u soon again....

Tita Porie thanks for giving me a gift.... I LOVE YOU ALL...mwah mwah mwah

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