Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I thought that my happiness might not end here, but unfortunately, last night upon browsing the friendster of my so called BOYFRIEND, I saw them in the photo hugging each other as if I am not her girlfriend. And as continue browsing to his friendslist another I saw a lot of pictures that its like teasing me and telling me that they are sweet..WEw as if i got jealous? of course not, I was thinking of my experience with him,though at the start I am bit hurt not because I love him but because of something that is lil private. Anyway, I am happy at the same time excited to mingle another friends. I know moving on is really hard but it takes time to heal. Yes, I admit I cried but not the pictures that I saw but I reminisce my experience with my Exboyfriend, this is not the first time that he did this to me, I had a long patience with him till we reach of almost three years.
I hope my ex boyfriend will be happy with his choosen life. Now, I am starting to fix myself again and start moving on and face another trial of my life. I am happy seeing him happy with his friends and other so called girlfriends.
He said, he will never leave me until he die, but I refuse to tell him that we need to move on...It is better to do this than hurting others.....

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