Friday, April 11, 2008


This place was CAMP SABROS, located at Kapatagan, Digos, Davao del Sur. It was a very nice place to relax. Very affordable no entrance fee. You only need to pay the zip lining, if you wish to fly alone you will pay 200 if u wish to have a partner you will 300 only. You need to walk a bit far before reaching the camp,it was sorrounded by pine trees and the wind was so cold. If You wish to have an adventure try to fly like an eagle. :)

After zip lining we visited the Obra of Kublai, the Agong House. It was a beautiful place,overlooking the mountains,pine trees were tall. This Agong House was featured by Korina Sanchez in Rated K. Thats why it was known.

After resting at Agong House, we went to BACOCO FALLS, we hired motorcycle to reached there.The road was rough,it was cliff and no proper trail to went to the falls.Unfortunately I was rolled down luckily I was catched by my officemate Grace Legorio hehhehehe. Thanks God I'm alive hhehehe.The grasses were tall, it was so muddy.When we got there it was so awesome.