Saturday, April 26, 2008



To my ever mama
Thank you for being their always
In times of sadness and pain
You are their when I needed you most

Thank You for giving me all my pleasures
Even sometimes I disobey you
Thank You for taking care of me and to
my other brothers and sister
Thank you that even in our personal problem
you are their to help us

Thank You ma for the understanding
I know you are lonely because of the
absence of papa, but I will promise I will take
care of you
Thank you because you are always their
to guide me

I am sorry if I hurt you sometimes
I am sorry if I disobey you
I am sorry for all the pain that I gave you
I am sorry if I am spoiled brat

No one can replace you being a mother to me
You are so great
Your heart is kind and loving
You are so gentle but strong

I love you mama
You are my source of strength
I am nothing without you
I salute you for being a good mother and
a good wife to papa.
You are a perfect mother for me